Nothing Too Hard for Me

I speak unto you this day and I say: There is nothing too hard for Me, for I am the Creator of heaven and earth. I have created darkness, and I have created light. Therefore keep confident in Me, for I am the resource that you can trust each day, and I do not fail to keep the ones who are believing in Me.

When I look at the wickedness that men, women, and children are doing in these times and boasting of the same, they are foolish, and I find no pleasure in them. Over and over, they are wallowing in the very filthiness that will bring down My wrath, fury, and indignation upon them.

How foolish people of these times are, for they want to believe that they get by with their sins when they do not. Because they are lying to themselves, their lies are causing them to be taken down the road of degradation. In the same, they will find themselves completely overwhelmed and overtaken by the choices they make against Me. They do not want to accept the fact that hell awaits those who live in deliberate sin and rebellion against Me.

Know that there are multitudes who are lying to themselves and are being fueled by the demons who planted the lies in their hearts to begin with. Therefore, when you see the ones who are living in falsity and vanity, know that they cannot keep themselves in balance because they want the world of falsehood and absolute lies. Be glad that you do not need to be in subjectivity to the demonic forces that are everywhere, and that it is not too hard for Me to keep you in these wicked and wanton times.

So many give up and cave in to the agenda of the workers of iniquity who want the ones who are godly completely burned out and devoured by demon forces. However, you are not called to be burnouts; you are called to keep burning with the fire of love for Me as your Creator, your Maker, and the One who loves you.

The more that you will keep yourselves focused upon Me, the more that you will see beyond a shadow of a doubt that I am in total and complete control over the forces of hell as well as the ones who choose hell. Their biggest weapons are fear and terror that drives them into insanity. I do not call you to take sides of both the wicked and just. It is wonderful, now more than ever, to run into Me and be kept for the generations who are yet unborn.

Those are abiding in My Spirit will see that I can keep those who are true to Me, for they are pleasing Me and doing as My Holy Spirit does guide them to do. Those who are choosing for hell are literally choosing their own sorrows and troubles aplenty. They will, because of their choices to lose, that is, what they will do is lose out with Me and be deceived because they love it so. They will live under the falsehoods and lies that the children have eaten because they left the pattern of lies for the generations to follow.

Be thankful that you do not need to partake of lies. Rather, you can partake of the truth and be following My Holy Spirit, for the Spirit leads you into all truth. As you come into greater understanding, wisdom, and knowledge, your eyes are opened to discern between good and evil, and you do not need to be led into the ditch and there remain.

When My Spirit gives you discernment on this, that, or the other, be glad that you can walk and live in that discernment, for it is given so you can avoid unnecessary troubles. Therefore, do not neglect to adhere to the discernment that you receive, for the same is very needful in this wicked and perverse generation. There are many of those who claim to be Mine, yet they fall into the traps, snares, entanglements, and enchantments set up for them by demonic spirits.

The reality is that when My people will accept discernment and operate under the same, they are able to detect the difference between good and evil. It is meant that My people would come forth ever rejoicing and made glad that they are counted worthy to believe and receive of Me.

There is no reason to esteem yourselves to be more than you are and grow proud and arrogant on such imaginations. It is far better that you adhere to Me as the One you are meant to serve and obey because I am the One who cares for you and brings you forth by a plain path. When you are giving the glory to Me, My Son, and My Holy Spirit, then you are realizing that the power We have is available to those who are obedient.

Do not go looking for a way that you can fall into a trap and a snare. Rather look for My way and be rejoicing in that way, for as you take the steps I put before you and are obedient, then you flourish in Me. It is not meant for you to accept the world’s so-called wisdom and come under the curses in the same. It is meant for you to adhere completely to the commands of My Spirit, and as you do, then you are blessed by Me.

I do not want you to be trapped in the deceits of demons; I want you to be blessed by adhering to Me as the One you love and serve each day. Let the godly wisdom, knowledge, and understanding that you are receiving be the treasures that you acquire in this earthly journey. While you see those who are seeking for the treasures such as gold and silver, really there is no value in the same. The true values are the ones that are found in and through obedience to My Spirit’s commands and dictates.

Be glad that it is Me you are enabled to look to and not the sin-cursed world. Remember there is nothing too hard for Me, and when you obey, then you can operate under the power and anointing that I give to you. Be thankful for a sound mind!