Marshmallow Magicians and Famous Frauds

I speak unto you this day and I say: Be thankful that I bear rule over you and that you are not kept in a place of separation from Me and found under the deceits of marshmallow magicians and famous frauds. Such tricksters and gangsters are common in today’s church. Falsity rules the minds and hearts of multitudes who have chosen the way of delusion and deception above the way of truth and righteousness.

Such rulers over those who are seeking for Me are literally imagining that they are doing the people good, when really they are doing them evil and keeping them enclosed in cages of fairytales and vain imaginations. I have never intended for My sheep and My lambs to be in such prison houses of delusion, yet they are.

However, I give the call to all who will hear and obey to come out of such cages of lies and come into the truth through the indwelling of My Holy Spirit. Do not imagine that I want any to be in such cages, yet most will remain because they love lies above the truth and they want to be fed with sweet things that keep them sedated. This is because the majority do not want to accept responsibility for their spiritual lives. They would rather sacrifice all integrity towards Me in order to feel comfortable with the speakers who are feeding them on worldly rubble.

Because they are content to remain in such a state, they do not advance in My kingdom. Rather, they are actually looking at the ones who are real with Me as being troublemakers who want to bring division. However, in their false accusations against My people, they grow more and more distant from the way of truth and are wallowing in selfism and comfort.

However, these ones are failing to read the Scripture and follow the same. In fact, they lock certain scriptures out of their minds because they do not want to be challenged with the truth and the call that accompanies the same. Jesus, My Son, who is the pattern, did not come preaching a comfortable gospel. No, He came declaring the true way, the narrow way that leads to eternal life and gives goodness to all who will follow and obey the same.

Be thankful this day that as you are serving Me, you can be uplifted and brought forth and given the light upon your path. You do not need to be among those who want only what makes them “feel good.” Instead, you can be wanting and trying to please Me rather than the god of self.

The reality is that multitudes will have a rude awakening in the days and years to come when they find themselves absolutely bankrupt before Me. Some will stand before Me absolutely destitute spiritually because they sowed to their flesh and of the same have reaped corruption. Then they will find their final abode in hell to be very uncomfortable because they did not please Me but rather chose to listen to false teachers who taught them to love themselves.

There is no justification for My people to have any other gods before Me or beside Me, and I will not tolerate idolatry from anyone who makes gods of the motivational magicians who feed them marshmallows. Nor will I tolerate those who have worshiped the famous frauds because these criminals are famous in the eyes of people.

Those who will be found adhering to the lies of liars love the darkness above the light, and they have not chosen Me as their first love. While they may boast that they are Christians, they too are frauds, for they are Christless Christians who have chosen the lust of the flesh above the truth that I desire for them to live in.

Be thankful this day that you can be guided by My Spirit and kept in the way of eternal life. Likewise, be glad that you are not pushed down by those who are only wanting to prove that they are something when they are not. Because of pride and ego, many who are claiming to be pastors do not feed the flock with anything except marshmallows and other sweet and soft treats. The consequences are sad, for these so-called believers are turned unto lies and actually hate the reality of the truth.

Do not feel offended by them, for they are the ones who are offended by the truth and need to repent or perish. Realize that their reactions and cages cause them to be darkened in their understanding. Actually, pray that they will come to the reality of their own state and seek to be right in My eyes and not their own. Let them see that they are the ones who are in the throes of spiritual deceit and need to hear the call to “come out” lest they are partakers of the plagues that are being released upon the magicians and frauds.

This is the hour that I am giving forth the call for any who will hear and obey to come into Me as the One they love and want to please. The call to obedience is very important and serious, for I will not accept recidivist rebels into My kingdom, for they will end in hell and be under the torments of the damned. Realize that through Me you can and will be uplifted and enabled to be always serving in the attitude of gratitude.

Therefore, do not grow weary in well doing, but continue to obey and come forth in My way, which is the way eternal and everlasting. Serve each day in the attitude of gratitude that you are found in the company of the redeemed and are not among the damned who are there by the choices. Rejoice that you are not in a cage under a marshmallow magician or a famous fraud. Rather, you are under My Spirit.