Drugged Down by Drugs and Demons

I speak unto you this day and I say: Do not be shocked at the number of persons who are literally drugged down by drugs. That is, they are overwhelmed by substances that are addictive, mind altering, and even death producing. It is not My intention for people, but it is the work of demons, who want people to be so far into drugs that they do not even know who they are or where they are headed.

Be aware that I do not want you to be in such a predicament, for the same will prove to be totally disastrous to them naturally, spiritually, and mentally. However, drugs, be they over the counter, prescribed, or sold on the streets, all are a part of the devil’s attempts to kill, steal, and destroy.

Know that the murderer from the beginning has not changed his agenda, and he loves to see people deceived by demons and taken into bondage by the drugs that they use. Therefore, be aware that this agenda has brought forth in these times greater addiction to drugs in all forms than ever before. Some have so allowed themselves to be taken into captivity that they no longer even know who they are or where they are headed.

The city streets are filled with the homeless, helpless, mindless who have been taken possession of by demon powers, and they love their drugs, whether purchased on the streets or prescribed, that will numb them for a few hours. It is really tragic when people are so far from Me that they see no hope except in the refuge of their drugs, which they eagerly consume.

Some overdose and die on the very streets that are their habitation of desolation. Tragic fact is that no one really knows who they are or where they are headed. I do not want people to be in such conditions, yet they are, because they have refused to walk in the way that is provided through repentance to My Son, Jesus. Instead, they have sought and still do seek their hope in substances that will do them no good in the long run.

Why do people prefer to partake of that which I have forbidden and imagine that in the same they are being uplifted? All that is really happening to them is that they are being deceived by the foolery and the folly of the wicked men and women who want them damned as they are damned. It is absolutely foolishness to be united unto those who seek for peace through the usage of drugs and alcohol, when I am ever present and respond to any who sincerely cries out to Me.

Be thankful this day that you do not need to pursue the way of damnation, because you have found the way of salvation, and as you are adhering to that way, so will you be guided forth by a plain path and given My hope. If you really consider how many are hopeless as well as homeless in these times, be all the more thankful that you do not need to be found in such a path.

Over and over, it is Me who gives you the light that you need in this dark and ugly world. When you receive that light, so are you enabled to walk as children of the light and to be showing forth the light to those who are in darkness and surrounded by the evils of these days.

Why not be rejoicing and giving Me praise that I do not leave you in despair. Rather, I uplift you that you do not need to be the punching bag for demons, but you can command them to be bound by the power in the Name of Jesus. If you truly are aware that there is a constant bombardment against those who are serving Me, you will find that it is very necessary to remain under the commands of My Spirit so that you are kept in the same.

Over and over, there are multitudes who have gone after the falsity and vanity of this world, and in the same are ensnared. Considering this, keep yourselves consecrated and dedicated to Me as the One you love and want to please at all times.

So many people in these times and in this nation are being drugged down by drugs and the effects of the same. It is a terrible place to be—addicted to those things that want to tear you to pieces, and yet you cannot escape them. This trap and prison house is where multitudes are living and dying, and why is that? It is because these ones are living in denial and refusal because they are trying to resolve their issues apart from Me.

Be glad even now that you are not meant to go on and on in the circle game, making no progress whatsoever because of being bound in the chains of addiction. More than anything, you can understand mercy when you are cleaving to Me and are not seeking refuge in drugs. Those who are drugged down over and over by drugs are causing their own desolation because they are in isolation from Me and the goodness I provide.

It is indeed a privilege to be enabled to come forth and to know that in Me is found the life, the light, the goodness that are reflective of My eternal kingdom. Consider the kingdoms, tribes, and nations that have come and gone on this earth and have been destroyed for their sinful ways, then give Me thanks and praise that you are not involved in such wickedness. Rather, you are involved in the goodness that I give to you each and every day.

Be glad even now that in and through Me you are doing what I ordain and what I intend for you. This means that there is no good thing that I withhold from the ones who keep their vows and commitments to Me. It is not what you hear from demons that you are meant to obey. It is what you hear from My Spirit that causes you to be able to overcome. Those who yield to demons are drugged down. Those who listen to Me are uplifted and able to give thanks.