Worthy or Worthless?

I speak unto you this day and I say that I desire that My people would be counted worthy of the sacrifice of My Son Jesus and honor Him in their behavior and attitudes. It is important to Me that those who are Mine would be faithful and true, and likewise maintain the attitude of gratitude.

Far too many who claim to be Mine are literally worthless because they have taken on the attitudes of the world and are manifesting the same continually. I am not at all pleased in the conduct that reflects the values of the world and is far from My expectation for My people. It is not a clear representation of My intention or purpose for them in any way whatsoever. It is My intention that those who are representing My kingdom would do so with respect and honor towards Me and not the kingdom of darkness.

This a time of great shaking wherein many who are dead branches will be shaken off by the winds of adversity that are present in these times. Because they are refusing to adhere to Me, they are by the same taken in the way that is worldly and worthless in My sight. When you see those who are shaken off, do not feel sorry for them. They are the ones who have opposed Me in their choices and their behaviors.

If you will, consider how important it is to walk closer and closer to Me, for I am the One who gives to you the way that is eternal life, and I am the One who does not cease to point you through My Holy Spirit the commands and instructions that are needed to keep sane in this insane world. As My true and united believers, count it a privilege to be shown My way and to be given the light upon the path that I have ordained for you to walk in and to keep your vision upon.

It is by mercy that you are kept as you are ever keeping Me as your first estate and not allowing the beckoning of cunning and enchanting demon forces to grab hold of you and take you down the road of despair. Endless multitudes have yielded themselves to spirits of deceit, and by the same they are being seduced into the vileness of more and more sin.

If they would truly consider the consequences of their choices, they would come to understand that I do not want them to be found in multiplied sins. Rather, I want people to be found in continuing salvation by keeping their hearts right and ever purposed for My kingdom.

Instead, they choose because of the iniquity of their hearts and minds to go a whoring after the world, as they have chosen the same above Me. They seek to satisfy themselves by and through delving deeper and deeper in the murky and uncertain waters of sin. How ridiculously foolish they are, for they find nothing but emptiness and futility in the pursuit of such darkness, then they end up destroyed and damned.

Be thankful that I have given to you the Holy Spirit to keep you guided and instructed in the way that is truth rather than the way that is lies. There are endless liars in these times who are tuning into the foolery, the vanity, and the utter darkness that will take them into many sorrows. Yet, because their father is the devil, they do not recognize their own deceptions and the fatality of the same. They are literally blinded by the demonic covering they are under.

As you are beholding the darkness that so many are following, it is a sad thing to see, for they gain nothing from the same and their lives are full of the sadness that comes upon them by and through their choices. Rejoice that because you are serving Me, you can experience My goodness and the mercies that I alone do give to you each and every day. To put it quite plainly, you can serve with gladness, while they are constrained to serve in sadness.

Consider that I do see all that men and women do, and I know the condition of their hearts and lives, and to be frank about it, there are few, comparatively speaking, who are keeping themselves true to Me as the One they love. Therefore, be aware that the spirits of deception that roam in these times will try to captivate any and all who do not keep the guard up against them.

Know likewise that the devil and his crew are dirty fighters, and they will hit people wherever they are weak and vulnerable. Be glad even this day that you are not vulnerable to the demon forces if you keep up the standard and resist steadfast all enticements.

More than anything, be keeping your vision clear, that is, upon Me, for I am the One who is ever present, and I have given you My Holy Spirit to keep you in the company of the worthy ones rather than the worthless ones. Those who are evaluated as worthless are so because they have chosen to oppose Me and walk afar off.

Do not grow weary in well doing, but rather continue steadfastly to trust that I AM who I say that I am. Remember the Holy Spirit is with you and in you, and help is only a prayer away. Therefore, be glad that you can adhere to Me and come forth knowing that through Me you are shown mercy and do not have to suffer the misery that comes to the worthless.

Be thankful that you are still a living branch and full of the life that is yours by abiding in the vine. Do not let the enemies convince you of any enchantments, deceptions, or delusions that are so present in these times. Rather be glad that through Me you are given the truth and the light, and by obedience to the same will be counted worthy!