Consistently Keeping

I speak unto you this day and I say that it is My intention that you would be consistently keeping the garden of your hearts clean. That is, I do not find pleasure in those who are too lazy to clean out the weeds, the rubble, the useless materials that are blown in by the winds of worldliness. When a people lay claim to Me, they are not meant to serve Me for a season. Rather, they are meant to serve Me forever.

There are many who start out with zeal for Me, My Son, My Spirit, and the furtherance of My kingdom. However, as time progresses, they choose in opposition to Me because of the pressures they undergo, then they grow more and more worldly, for they are no longer diligent nor consistent in keeping their hearts for Me. Instead, they lend an ear to demon powers. They grow envious of the world’s people, and lazy about their own spiritual conditions. The consequence of their behavior is that they slip away from the way of life eternal and go in the broad way of deception.

Those who are by their choices moving away from Me are moving into the territory wherein they will experience many sorrows, for they have chosen death above life in Me. They will experience the death of worldliness, the fears of the heathen, and the terror and insanity of these times. These things will prove to hold them in bondage and oppression. They will move from surety to uncertainty, and all of their confidence will be in themselves and the demons who control their lives, rather than My Spirit.

When you see such ones, bear witness to them and see what they do. Some will accept your admonition and repent. Others will vehemently oppose what you speak to them and completely reject the opportunity to repent. The ones who reflect such opposition are under conviction, but at the same time are believing the lies of lying forces and imagining they are “having fun.” The reality is that the fun they imagine themselves to be having is their demise and will prove to be destruction, spiritually and physically.

Believe Me, there are many fools in this life, and everyone imagines themselves to be “some great thing.” However, they are under delusion and the same will prove to be their confusion, because they are literally trapped in the deceptions they have chosen to believe and live in.

As is made evident in the lives of these fools, those who do not consistently keep themselves stayed upon Me, My Son, My Spirit, and My kingdom purpose will be taken in the way that will prove to be hopeless and useless. Those who do go in such a way will end up destitute of the truth, and even become the enemies of the truth, because they have given themselves over to be ruled by demons.

Be aware that when people have abandoned the truth to be ruled by demons, then they are taken down the road, the course to their own destruction. Such a course will prove to be nothing but a living hell as they will be given a tour of “coming attractions,” and those are indeed agonizing.

Stop and consider that the fools can go through the agonies of the damned in this life on earth, yet they will stubbornly refuse to repent. Their refusals are based on relentless rebellion and perverse pride wherein they are sure that they “know what is best.”

Such assumptions put them again and again in the category of damnation and deception because they pay heed to the lies of demon spirits and their own fat hearts. This state of being that they choose is the one that will cause them to lose completely out with Me. Do not believe their foolish bragging, as their tongues are full of lies and delusions.

Be thankful this day that you do not need to be taken in the way of fools and by the same be overwhelmed and devoured. Instead, you can live in the abundance of mercies that I provide for you and be continually uplifted and guided forth by My Spirit.

However, in order to live under My blessings rather than the curses that are brought upon the wicked, you must be consistently keeping the garden of your hearts. Do not be as the lazy who will not allow My Spirit to show them the things that are offensive to Me. These ones would rather pretend that everything is all right when everything around them is caving in and has gone to weeds.

If you give consideration to the conditions that people are in at the present times, it is plain to see that the multitudes are not consistently keeping their hearts. Instead, they are being blown around by the winds of worldliness and loving the same. They much prefer to eat of the vile and unclean food of the heathen than to eat of the bread of heaven that I provide.

The tables they choose to eat from are full of vomit because of the drunkards who occupy the tables. Uncleanness and filthiness are evident everywhere because ruination, devastation, and destruction are ever on hand to move in like vultures and devour. So, the ugliness of the ones choosing for misery becomes more and more evident. Some are literally cursed with stinking, rotting flesh and cannot hide the same.

Rejoice that you are privileged to be in the company of the redeemed and enabled to give Me thanks and praise and walk uprightly in the way that I provide for you each and every day. It is indeed a good thing to serve Me, obey Me, and come forth made glad in Me, for I am your Maker, your Keeper, your Healer, your Deliverer, and the One who gives eternal life.