Worn-Out and Weary Whores

I speak this day and I say to those who will hear and obey: Do not become as so many have in these times. Sad to say, many of those who were intended to serve Me have not served Me at all. They have played the whore and played the whore, until they are worn-out and weary whores who are good for nothing.

Literally, they are dead branches, for they went after other gods and played the harlot with them to the extent that they have become an abomination before Me. I absolutely do not find pleasure in them, for they are repulsive to Me, and the stench of their whorish behaviors is awful.

Those who imagine that they can play the whore and get by on Me are living in falsity of imagination, in the sense that they are self-deceived and love the darkness of their deeds more than they love Me. I do not find pleasure in such careless and wanton whores, for they prove themselves to be useless and careless in My sight.

Do not be as those who are full of iniquity and darkness because they are going in the way of the damned, and by the same, they breed such behaviors in others. Likewise, they leave behind them those who are bastard seed and are not acceptable to Me, for they are born of fornication with demon gods, and because of such, they are alienated from Me.

I have never intended that those who are meant to serve Me would be found serving those things that are a grief to Me, yet they fornicate with any and everything that comes along, to the extent that their promiscuity is known both near and far. Over and over, they find reasons to pretend that each new one that comes along is meant to be their true love. However, they never find their true love, because they are not true to Me.

So many of those who are found entrenched in the filthiness of fornication, both spiritually and naturally, are always looking for someone new and are never satisfied. This is because while they may believe that they are able to enter into a stable relationship, they are not.

Again, this is because they do not remain true to Me, inasmuch as they are finding their treasures, their pleasures and their joy in those things that do pass away. Do you imagine that I am satisfied with such ones as these? No! In fact, I find them to be utterly disgusting and damned by their choices.

Be thankful that when you remain true to Me you will not be constantly straining your eyes and craning your necks to look at those things that cannot satisfy. Rather, you can learn to abide satisfied in whatsoever state you are in, because you find your satisfaction in abiding in My Spirit and obeying the commands and dictates of the same.

It is a joy to Me when those who claim to be Mine will keep their vows and commitments unto My Son, Myself, My Spirit, and to the heavenly kingdom wherein We abide. I have never intended for those who love Me to be vexed and tormented by demons. I have intended for them to remain ever true, faithful, and continually abiding in the power of My presence, and coming forth knowing that there is no good thing withheld from them.

Therefore, be thankful that you do not need to go after the witchery of the world and in the same be devastated. Rather, you can be uplifted and given the infinite mercies that I intend for you, and you will be shown My light upon the path. You do not need to make flesh your arm, nor commit spiritual and natural adultery and pretend it isn’t so.

Be serving each day in the attitude of gratitude, for such will continually open your eyes to see that indeed, My way is perfect, spotless and pure. It is Me the Living God who longs for those who will desire Me and Me alone to be their God. I do find pleasure in those whom I can pour My love on and know that they will not betray Me by longing for and going after the forbidden.

There are of course limitations that I set for My people, and I do so in order for them to be kept in the way that I intend and provide for them. Be glad even this day that you are not meant to be as those who have failed in serving Me and gone after the multitude of demon deities, and are likewise worn-out and weary whores.

The more that you adhere to Me, the more that you will see and know of a surety that I am your primary source and it is Me who will give forth the miracles of healing, deliverance, and restoration to those who are not ashamed to know Me as Lord and Master.

Do not be weary in well doing; just continue steadfast, and know that I do not withhold, but rather I give to you such as you need to continue steadfast in the way that is eternal life. Those who fall out of the straight and narrow to take up the broad way will reap the consequences of the same, and those consequences are bitter and defiled because of whorish behaviors.

When you see the end of those who have played their games and done their fornication with the world, you will see ugliness, bitterness, and hatred manifested in their lives. Still, they will prove themselves to be hell bound and determined to die in their delirium rather than be real with Me. Over and over, they have purposely refused repentance, even though I have sent My Spirit repeatedly to them, calling them to repent.

In such behaviors, they have proven themselves to be utterly worthless and useless for the purposes they were born for. Instead, they listen to demons and follow the directives and commands of the same. Their sores and the diseases of their behaviors never heal. They are not delivered, nor restored. They die damned forever!