Contrary and Confused and Crazy

I speak unto you this day and I say that I do not call you to be contrary as some are. Rather, I call you to be consecrated unto Me. Those who choose to go in the contrary way are literally choosing the course of their own troubles, and they will be overwhelmed in the same. If you stop and consider, it has been and always will be that My people should keep their consecration unto Me. They are not meant to take up the ways of the world, which are full of corruption and confusion.

These are times when multitudes are behaving in ways that are contrary to Me, and by the same they are bringing themselves and their generations into confusion and delusion. The result is that because they have opened the door to demons, they are operating under the control of evil forces, who desire destruction, devastation, death and damnation for their victims.

Those who are under the spell of demonic powers will react contrary to My Spirit and refuse to obey the same. In the throes of misconduct, they will pursue the course of the damned and be overwhelmed and overtaken by the very forces that want to see them totally destroyed.

As is evident in these times, the devil’s agenda has not changed and it remains the same: kill, steal, and destroy. The wickedness does not get altered by time. Rather, that agenda remains ever present and causes multitudes to be devoured.

Be aware that My people are not meant to be involved with those contrary spirits that cause multitudes to choose the way of death rather than the way of life that I provide. Therefore, do not be yielding to the world’s way, for that way is destruction and leads to damnation.

The wise men and women of this world are fools before Me, and while they imagine themselves to be wise, consider that their wisdom comes from demonic powers and not from My Spirit. Consider that the wisdom that they supposedly have is given to them by the powers of darkness rather than by My power of light.

The consequence of such so-called wisdom is destruction and damnation, and the curses left upon the generations are increased. Those who are under the wisdom of the world are under that which is ugly, vile, and wicked.

There are ways in the broad way wherein people are taken control of by demonic entities that will give them some measure of insight. This insight, the mediums then use as a means to control others and extract from them what they want.

This is often used by pretenders who put on a vain show of “great wisdom,” when really the so-called wisdom that they have is nothing but deceit and is used by demons to exercise control over those who believe such wisdom.

Be thankful that as you are looking to Me, you do not need to be contrary, nor do you need to be deceived. Rather, you can adhere to Me as the One you love and seek to obey each and every day. When you are found abiding in Me, then you are being guided by My Spirit, which will lead and guide you into all truth.

As My people, you are meant to adhere to the truth and refuse the spirits of the devil that are posing themselves as wisdom, when the same is foolishness before Me. Be glad even this day that you can adhere to Me, follow Me, and stay true to Me.

I am the One who gives to you the eternal-life path. I do not want you to come under deception, nor do I want you to be subject to the falsity of the same, for those who are following deception are taking themselves in the way that is wickedness and are overwhelmed.

Consider that I have never intended for you to be in deviation from Me. Rather, I have called you to be in subjectivity to Me as the God of goodness and mercies never ending. How much better it is to live under mercy rather than misery! Likewise, you are privileged to be recipients of the miracles of healing and deliverance, for I am the God of Miracles. Do not imagine that the enemies can do anything for you, for the agenda that they represent is nothing but wickedness and evil. Over and over, I give to those who love Me all that they need in order to be kept and guided forth.

It is by adhering to My Spirit that you are kept from the contrary, confused, and crazy demonic powers that are ruling in these times. Inasmuch as My Spirit has been given to lead and guide you into all truth, walk in the same and be rejoicing, for it is Me who gives you eternal life. There is peace forever, as you will be with Me in eternity.

It is the dull, the dumb, the stupid who choose to adhere to the way of demons and be damned by the same. They are literally captives who love their captivity because their deeds are evil, and they are preferring darkness over the light that I alone do provide.

Do not imagine that you must adhere to their wisdom, for the same is originating in darkness. Likewise, it is an infection that will come into those who receive it and poison them body, soul, and spirit. Those who are eating of the world’s food will find themselves poisoned by the same, and the infection of that poison will prove to be the death of them, both spiritually and naturally.

I do not intend for people to be poisoned; I intend for them to live long and bear much fruit for My kingdom. Be glad that you can indeed bear fruit for My kingdom and walk the eternal-life path, the way that is the prosperity of your soul.