The Unrepentant Receive Plagues

I speak unto you this day and I say that when I send forth My Holy Spirit messengers and they declare Repentance Revolution to those who are needy of repentance unto Me and they refuse, such ones receive plagues. Not everyone is blessed by Me, in the sense that I measure them to see if they are willing to repent and return to Me. If they are stubborn and proud, then they receive the plagues that I have in store for such ones.

Be aware that in these times I will pour out My plagues in greater measure because I am disgusted with the behavior of the ones who are claiming to be Mine. There are multitudes in these times who put on a vain show of pride as though they have everything all together, yet they do not follow Me as they should. Instead, they listen to demon spirits and are directed by the same into the very traps and entanglements that have been set to snare them.

I do not want My people to be ensnared and entangled by demon spirits. Rather, I want them to walk in the way that I provide and to be giving Me thanks and praise for that way. If you consider how much better it is to follow Me and rebuke the demonic powers, you will see clearly that My way is the higher, the better, the beautiful way. Be thankful that you are not found in the perversity, the profanity, the insanity of these times. Be glad that you can be uplifted, made whole, and ever rejoicing to know that I am indeed the Almighty and that My way is perfect.

In the wickedness of people’s hearts and minds there are found demonic powers that are prompting and pushing them to greater and more vile sins in order to assure them damnation and rejection of salvation. As people pay heed to the wicked spirits and prefer the same over My Spirit, they are actually ensuring themselves a place in hell.

Completely stupid are the ones who will stubbornly refuse to repent and go on in the way of fools, only to be taken oftentimes prematurely into hell. Once in hell, there is no repentance that is heard by Me, for I know that these ones refused to repent when they were on earth and literally scoffed the very call to repentance. Should I have pity on them when they have deliberately chosen against Me because they wanted to keep on in their sinful ways? I say that I will not.

Be thankful this day that I do not put anyone in the company of the damned who does not willfully and stubbornly choose to go there. Those who are determined to have things their way are foolish and dumb, and by their choices they end in a ditch of deep despair in this life. Then of course, they have ensured their destination to be hell forever.

Know of a surety that I the Living God am sending forth My messengers and the call is to Repentance Revolution, whereby people take action in their own lives against sin, then tell others of the goodness they have in Me. When you are keeping your first estate, you will know and understand that the way that I give to you is the only pathway that is worth walking on.

The truth is that all other paths lead to damnation of soul, and those who are convinced that they don’t need salvation through My Son Jesus are deceived and have not perceived the importance of the straight and narrow way. They are plainly rebellious, and some have even gone so far as to be contemptuous towards the humility that is found in the life and death of Jesus.

While they are steeped in pride, they are full of conceit and seek glory and recognition for themselves. In such choices, they are estranged from Me and are wanting only to be recognized for how great they are. Be aware that they are not great at all. In My sight, they are utter fools who are choosing damnation rather than salvation.

There are many ways that people choose in this life and imagine that they are fine with their choices. However, that is the problem. They are not asking Me for My will; they are living out what they assume to be their choices. So basically, they are blinded by the god of this world and are choosing the pathways that will end them in hell.

Be thankful this day that as you are choosing to walk according to My desire, you will burn with divine desire for more and more of what I am able to provide. Be glad even today that you can and do receive miracles, healing, deliverance, and joyous restoration. It is with goodness, mercy, and abundance of love that I give to My people. This I do as they are seeking to please Me in all that they do.

When you see how many souls are dying without Jesus and wonder why, know that they have refused the witnesses I have sent to them. As they have hardened their hearts and stiffened their necks, they have experienced desolation of soul and sadness of heart.

You are not meant to be found in such a way. Rather, as you continue steadfast, you will see that My river of life never runs dry, and you are always enabled to know that I am able. Be rejoicing to know that the mercies that I give are exactly what you need, when you need them.

The misery that is given to the damned will plague them now and throughout eternity because they have chosen to oppose Me and walk in darkness. When you see the ones who are loving the darkness, know they are loving their own sinful ways and their insane choices. Do not be deceived by their shows, for they are damned. Refute their darkness and choose My light.