Abide Satisfied, for I Provide

I speak unto you this day and I say: Be thankful for the privilege to be My people and the opportunities that I give to you to abide in Me. How much better it is to be trusting Me rather than the arm of flesh. Reality is that those who make flesh their arm are trusting in delusion and confusion because their minds and their hearts are not clear with Me.

I desire that My people would be clear in their vision and in their purpose, because they are abiding and by the same ever trusting that I am able to provide for them at all times. I do not want My people to be under the fears that haunt the heathen and by the same be overwhelmed and overtaken. It has never been My intention that those who are Mine would be covered in the coverings that are in the world. I do not want My people to be plagued by the plagues that are upon the heathen, and I want them to keep single in their vision and come forth in My way.

Be thankful this day that you do not need to walk afar off and go in the way of the world, and by the same be overwhelmed and overtaken. Those who are being sorely vexed, tormented and troubled are not abiding in Me. Rather, they have indulged themselves in spiritual adultery and by the same brought vexation to themselves.

Be aware that you are not meant to be found in the company of the damned; you are meant to be found in the company of the redeemed. Therefore, do not be yielding to the temptation to eat of the world’s table, for the same is full of all manner of abomination and insanity that will make you sick, weak, feeble and weary.

Why should you invite troubles to yourselves by delving into the things that will bring you not only troubles like sickness, disease, weariness, and cause you to become weak and enfeebled? I do not desire for you to be found in such conditions. Rather, I desire for you to be uplifted in the power of who I am.

Give Me thanks and praise even this day that you can be brought forth in My way, which is strength, power, and the glory that I give to all who will pay heed to Me. As you are uplifted in the way that leads to eternal life and the hope that I alone do give, then you will be satisfied, for yes, I do provide everything that you need.

I do not intend for My people to be cursed, depressed and possessed because they invite demonic powers into their lives. Rather, I want My people to say true and confident in Me as the One they love. I do not find pleasure in those who want to play around with the forbidden and then wipe their mouths and claim that they have done no evil. Rather, I want My people to keep the standard that I have for them, and by the same to be encouraged that it is Me they can look to and believe.

Be aware that every day, in every way, I lead My people forth by a plain path and I give to them exactly what they need. As you are adhering to Me as the author and the finisher of your faith, you will see that through Me you are given the miracles that I alone provide.

I give forth through Jesus Christ My Son the precious gift of salvation. Because He completed His course in obedience, so can you as you follow in His steps and receive the healing, deliverance, and restoration that you need. I do not withhold any good thing from the ones who are walking uprightly and ever abiding in the way that I intend for them.

It is the dumb, the dull, the foolish, and the spiritually lazy who open themselves up to be infiltrated by the very spirits that will bring them to ruination. This is because they have failed to cherish the gift of salvation by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Those who are failing to respect Him are likewise failing to respect Me and My Spirit.

They are choosing to remain in the slavery of sin rather than put effort into the change that I require of those who will come forth in the new life that they have received. By their own choices, they are the ones who remain in the prison houses of sin and slavery to the same and refuse the call to all that is being given in these times.

Consequently, they do not receive the many blessings and the goodness that could have been given to them had they moved with My Spirit. They do not receive the healing, the deliverance, the restoration, as they have chosen the god of self above Me and made the same their idol. As a result, they are never satisfied and are forever frustrated, irritated, and are demonstrating what becomes of those who are infatuated with self.

Such ones as these become filled up on demons and follow the commands of the same. Their lives on earth actually become a living hell because they are not faithful nor true to Me. While they may attempt to put on an outward show and vain display of “how happy they are,” they are not. Many do harmful things to themselves and others because they cannot find peace, because they have rejected Jesus, who is the Prince of Peace.

Be glad even this day that you to not need to keep company with those who have rejected My Son and do not intend to repent. Rather, you can adhere to the way that the Spirit commands and find that you are given the peace that passes understanding. You will not be under the torments of the damned. Rather, you will be under the peace that is given to those who are abiding and trusting in Me.

You will have the future hope of being with Me in eternity rather than in the fires of hell prepared for the damned. You will experience here-and-now healing, deliverance, and restoration, as you are abiding in Me.