Trusting and Triumphant

I speak unto thee this day and I say that it is Me the Living God who desires you to be trusting in Me as your source, for I am the One who is able. The more that My people submit themselves to Me in trust, the more that they will be able to receive the infinite mercies that I provide.

It is not My intention that My people would be vulnerable to the wiles of the wicked one and be taken down by the same. It is My intention that My people would learn to steadfastly resist, refuse, and refute the enemy, and come forth ever rejoicing in the power that is found in Jesus, which makes them triumphant and victorious over darkness. The more that My people are being found abiding in Me, the more they are enabled to see that I am the God who is ever present and I hear the cries of those who are desperately needy of Me.

I am the One who sent My Son Jesus to reveal the power that is inherent in My kingdom. The miracles that were brought forth through the ministry of Jesus were brought forth to show the power that is found in My kingdom. That same power is available today, and I want people to partake of the same because I am indeed well able and there is none who can compare to Me.

I do not delight to see people in suffering and anguish, while they spend up their monies on physicians who cannot do them any good whatsoever. Then they are left hopeless, helpless, and penniless, all because the enemy desires to see people so devastated as they are in these times. Be aware that I want any and all who will trust in Me to know that I AM who I say that I am, and that My healing and delivering power are available today to those who are needy of the same.

It is senseless for people to live their lives in the throes of death when they are meant to enjoy the benefits of health that I provide to them. Therefore, do not be discouraged, depressed, despairing, and in the throes of death. Rather look to Me, for this is My time to pour forth My healing and delivering power to all who desire to partake of Me and be restored to the life that is available through Me.

Far too many in these times are locked into deadly doctrines that teach them that the days of healing, deliverance, and speaking in tongues are passed. Those days are not passed; they are ever present to those who are not afraid to receive My Holy Spirit and the precious treasures that accompany the same.

Why would I do away with My Spirit, with divine healing and deliverance, when people are still under suffering, anguish, and great agony? I do not, and I will not do away with the very things that are the remedies to all of their sufferings. No—rather, I will give to those who are aware of My virtues the very things that they need to be uplifted, restored, and brought forth rejoicing in Me.

It is not My intention that people would continually be under the control of demonic spirits which want them dead or suffering to the point that they want to be dead. It is My intention that people would be free of the evil devices of the wicked one and not be bound in continual pain and agony. Why would I want My people to suffer continually when I am the One who gives healing and deliverance?

Therefore, believe Me, for I have not changed, and just as I showed My healing power in the “olden days,” so do I want to show forth that healing power even now. Do not hide in afflictions and sickness. Rather rebuke, refute, and refuse to be swallowed up in the serpent’s tactics and maneuvers to cause you perpetual pain, agony, and anguish.

I am well aware that people need to live in the presence of My Spirit in order to perceive and receive the benefits of My kingdom in their lives. Therefore, I supply them with the Holy Spirit infilling if they will be accepting of the same.

When you see the ones who resist My Spirit, despise speaking in tongues, the heavenly languages that I give, refuse divine healing and deliverance, know that they are living under the lies of the devil. By their acceptance of demonic lies, those lies will bring them more misery in their lives. Some who are puffed up on the pride of their false knowledge are literally Spirit haters and are filled on demonic delusions.

Thank Me that you do not need to be under demonic delusions. Rather, you can be found adhering to My instruction, direction, and correction each and every day. Such truths as I give to you are meant to enlighten you as to the infinite goodness and mercy that I want people to partake of in their earthly journey.

Be glad that you are given the privilege to believe, to receive, and to bear witness of the facts that I give to those who believe in great abundance that they can know Me as the One who wants souls to be saved. The salvation that I offer through the obedience of My Son Jesus is not only the salvation of their souls, but it is likewise full of the power of divine healing and deliverance for those in need of My mercies.

As you are walking close to My Spirit, so shall you be made clear in your perceptions of Me. I do not leave you in desolation and isolation; I bring you forth in the sweetness of My mercies and goodness. Likewise, I give you the opportunity to be full of the Holy Spirit power and the boldness to bear witness of My healing and delivering powers that are available now. Rejoice that you are not subject to demons. You are subject to Me.