Caring or Careless?

I speak unto you this day and I ask you: Do you care for My will and seek to put the same as the utmost burden and purpose in your lives? Or are you among the careless who are pursuing their own wills above My will then blaming Me and My messengers when things go wrong?

There are multitudes who are in the latter category and who want to accuse Me when things do not turn out as they want. Then they carry an attitude of ingratitude and are despising those who have given themselves to the attitude of gratitude and are caring about pleasing Me above themselves.

Those who are refusing to measure up are always wanting to blame someone or something else for their failures. However, their failures come about because of their own willfulness and stubborn resistance against Me. So, where do they go in the end of it all? They literally end in a heap, and want still to act as though their situations and circumstances are the result of others and the failure of such ones to carry the load for them.

I do not expect that My people would remain as babies, and yet they do. Repeatedly, they remain immature and unwilling to accept accountability and responsibility for their own spiritual lives. These ones are a grief to Me because they want only to have things the way they want them to be, and like spoiled children, they want to throw fits and get angry when things do not go as they desire.

Am I pleased with such ones? Not at all, because of their carelessness in respect of Me, My purpose, My will, and My intentions for their lives. They have never yielded their lives to Me. Rather, they have kept their lives for themselves and are always expecting to have things their way rather than My way.

Of course, these are insane times, and times when everyone is eager to do things “the way they want them to be.” However, such is nonsense before Me, because to do things only as people want them to be is to deviate from My will. People go into the way of the dull, the dumb, the ignorant who are foolishly attempting to make gain off of things that they have not labored for, as they are promoting their way rather than Mine.

I want you to stop and realize that such efforts for self are careless and not at all respectful of the sacrifice of My Son Jesus. Jesus did not grow careless, nor was He lazy. He kept up with diligence the labors that He was called to perform. He likewise suffered persecution everywhere He went, and He kept Himself faithful unto Me.

Constantly, the religious Jews of His day were attempting to prove Him wrong because He exposed their hypocrisy and their attempts to make the people into religious robots with no needs or desires for Me. All that these religious leaders wanted to do was to see Jesus destroyed because He did not make peace with them, because they were crooked in their dealings.

The way that they treated My people was not right before Me, for they wanted only to make gain off of them and they did not care for the condition of their souls. They were pretenders and hypocrites, putting on their false facades while their own lives were full of sin.

There is no way that I want My people to fall into the hands of the many careless religious leaders of today who are making gain off of those who are My sheep and My lambs. No, I want shepherds who will care for My people and guide them forth by a plain path.

Be alert to the fact that My people are sick, diseased, crippled, deaf and blind. Do their shepherds remind them that I sent My Son Jesus who by the laying down of His body and the shedding of His blood opened the door to divine healing? No. Instead, the majority of these religious criminals simply leave My people in their neediness and demand more and more money from them.

How absurd is such conduct, when My people, as well as the multitudes of sinners, are needy and desperate for the healing touch of the Great Physician. I do not want those who I love to believe that there is no healing, deliverance, or restoration for them when I offer the same in great abundance. I want My people to be directed to Jesus, who is the One who has given His all that they would know His delivering hand in their lives.

Be aware that there are ways that men will go carrying heavy burdens that I want them to lay down, while all the time those who are meant to guide them into the miracles of Jesus prefer to keep them caged in false doctrine and slavery to the doctrines of devils.

It is the time, and those who are careful to listen to My Spirit are going to hear Me repeat it over and over, that My miracle power is still here. The healing and deliverance are available to any and all who will cry out in their neediness. It is My time to pour forth My miracles upon the ones who are crying out and longing to see My power revealed.

Yes, modern medicine has made great advances, and there are many who can benefit to a degree from these advances. However, just as there is evil in the religious circles, so does evil exist in the medical field, and many spend all and gain nothing from it.

I do not want such ones to be left helpless and hopeless when there is hope in and through Me. In accordance with the faith of those looking to Me, so shall I reveal My miracle powers, and so shall they see that I AM the Living God whose miracle power is now!