Serious or Delirious?

I speak unto you this day and I tell you of a surety that I want My people to be serious in these times, not delirious and drunk on the things of this world. There are multitudes in these times who are intoxicated on the world, and by the same they are made delirious. I never intended that My people would be delirious and out of their right minds.

If you consider the state of being of those who are drunkards and dope addicts, they are delirious by the autointoxication that they are under, and by the same they are ruled and directed by demons. I do not call you to be under the influence of demons. I call you to be subject to My Spirit and to obey the commands of the same.

Therefore, do not be as the foolish who want to project themselves as some great thing when really they are not. Because such ones are full of vain conceit, they attempt to deceive others and take them into their webs of delusional and insane imaginations. In such behaviors, they are fools before Me, and I have no respect nor regard for them.

As you know, the fools must be beaten with many stripes, and as they are, so are they failing to turn from their foolery. This is because the majority of fools who are claiming to know Me are liars, for they know of Me, but they do not know Me in the way that I desire. Instead, they conjure up an imaginary god, and by the same they want to pretend that they know so much about Me.

The reality is that these ones are blinded by pride and demons that feed their pride and prompt them to greater and more stupid foolishness. This scenario is one that repeats itself over and over, and yet, the stubbornness and pride of some will take them out of the soberness of My way and down the road that leads them to damnation and hell forever.

I do not intend for people to end in hell. It is by their own acceptance of demonic inspiration rather than the divine inspiration that I provide. There are countless people who are burning in the fiery furnaces of hell because they chose to grow delirious on the delusions that they preferred to the soberness of the truth.

Why do men, women, and children choose such a plight of useless and endless despair? It is simply because they are preferring darkness above the light, and by darkness they only grow dumber, prouder, and more defiant and rebellious against Me. This is because the farther people move away from Me and the way that I ordain, the more they become infiltrated by demons who motivate them to greater profanity, and insanity becomes a common plague among them.

It is absolutely ridiculous when you consider what people will sell their souls for by literally giving themselves over to the delirious. The majority abandon their senses, their bodies, and their minds to the very demonic powers that will bring them to death. Once they are in the death throes, there is no way of escape for them.

I do intend for My people to keep separated and consecrated unto Me because I am their source and resource. Never do I call people to be found bound and wound up in the chains of darkness. Therefore, do not listen to those who have turned aside from truth and live daily in lies and hold the truth in contempt because they want no part of the same. Far too many have chosen the way of death above the way of life. Choose soberness, for there is nothing wrong with the same. Be temperate in all things, and do not let lust rule over you.

If you consider the multitude of crimes of violence that are committed under the control of mind-altering drugs and of course alcohol, it is astounding. Many prisons are filled with both men and women who chose to act on demonic impulse and prompting rather than remaining in a right mind. Because their minds were warped, they chose to react violently against others, and likewise became responsible for unnecessary injury, rape, violence and death.

When you hear the stories of those who were incarcerated as a result of their addictions, it is more than tragic because not only did they ruin the lives of their victims; they ruined their lives likewise. Be thankful that as you maintain your soberness, you can continue to walk in the way that I intend and provide for you.

Do not be unnecessarily involved with those who are given to drugging and drinking, for they may turn on you and cause you bodily as well as emotional harm. There is no reason to take on such reactions if I am not directing you by the leading of My Spirit to be led into ministry to such ones. Remember there is a difference between ministering to someone who wants to sober up and ministering to those who desire to remain in their chains of slavery.

How tragic it is when you see how intoxication and the harm it causes invade entire generations as in these times. Individuals, groups, tribes and nations, all can be under the demonic and delusional outlook and lifestyles that cause them to be directed by the deadly demons that want their destruction.

I do not want you destroyed; I want you to come forth uplifted, directed, and guided forth by a plain path, because I love the ones who put their efforts into My kingdom rather than the world. The more that your vision is single unto Me, the more sober you will become as you witness the destruction and death all around. Be thankful to be serious and sober.