Me, Myself, and I = Selfism

I speak unto you today and I say that throughout the ages, the cause of many sorrows and troubles has been selfism, whereby people are only concerned with themselves and what they want. Sadly, they have no regard for the generations coming after them. This spirit of selfishness is especially dangerous when those who are in leadership are stricken with the same.

I do not desire that people would be under such darkness, yet they are, and the leaders of the nations and the world at this time are centered only on self. Because of this, no one thinks of tomorrow and the consequences of love of self above Me and others as well.

I did not create men, women, and children for them to put their selves above Me, nor even their own generations. I created people to serve Me in order for My mercies and My blessings to be upon their lives and upon the lives of their generations.

When you look at the younger generations of today, you can see that they are plainly not being blessed, because of the sins of their parents and/or grandparents. They have little or no respect for Me and they are easily given to the insanity that is rampant in these times.

They are ruled by demonic forces and erupt into violence over the smallest of matters. They are not being taught to control the lower nature. Rather, they are doing what feels good to them for the moment, with no regard for the consequences.

I absolutely do not find pleasure in such ones, for they are walking in the darkness of their own minds, and by the same they are deluded and led astray. I absolutely do not call people to be deluded, and when they are, of course they will do things they later may regret.

However, there are in this generation vast multitudes who have no respect for Me or even knowledge of Me in their minds. Therefore, they are free to do as they please, when they please, and their hearts are hard as stone. Be aware that I do not find pleasure in these ones, for they are not respecting or honoring Me. They are centered on themselves, and because of that, they do not care about anyone or anything else. Every decision they make is for their own good and their own interest.

Such disrespect as is being manifest is not My purpose nor My plan, and because of the selfishness that is present, there is no intention of taking care of the environment, the generations, or even the nations. Life has become a “free for all,” and there are no enduring guidelines because of the blatant and outright departure from the truth.

When people are choosing to believe lies above the truth, they bring nothing but demon infestation to their own minds. With such infestation comes all manner of evil that wants to devour and destroy them. I do not call people to such ways; they take themselves there because they are choosing lies and living in the same. Little do they understand that the more they trust lies, the more they will be absolutely consumed of the same.

If you consider that the devil, also known as the serpent, captivated Eve, then she in turn infected her husband with the same demonic power of selfishness that had entered into her. Then they both became responsible for their transgression and departure from Me.

Know that I did not find pleasure in them, for they brought curses upon themselves, their children, and all the generations of humankind. By their consent to believe the liar above Me, they turned from the blessedness of communion with Me to the cursed state of separation from Me.

Just as they were separated by sin, so are all of the people of this earth. They are not able to withstand sin and its payback of death, unless they come to repentance through My Son, Jesus. Jesus completed His course in obedience and had no regard for His own desires and will. He chose to do My will and did not seek for His own purposes or plans. By His absolute and complete obedience, He left a pattern for all who will be His disciples to follow in His steps.

Therefore, do not be overly concerned with yourselves. Rather be concerned with Me and what it is that I desire for you and with you. I do not want you to be found in the mire of disobedience and disrespect for Me. When you daily choose to do My will and not your own, then you are put in the position to be receiving My blessings in your lives.

Realize how important it is that daily you submit yourselves to Me as the One you are meant to please. The more that you submit your whole lives to Me, the more that you will come into clarity and be enabled to respect and honor Me as the author and the finisher, the beginning and the end.

When you truly take a good look at the fools who are in power in these times, it is very evident that they are only concerned with themselves, their riches, their pleasures, their desires, and their lusts. By the same, they are driven by demons and make insane and foolish decisions that cancel out blessings on the nations and the generations to come. Do not be a part of their blindness and their insanity, for the same is nothing but devastation and destruction to the lives of others.

This day, be thankful that it is Me that you serve and it is Me that you are meant to please. Be glad that as you follow in the steps of Jesus, My Spirit is ever present to guide you in the plain path that I intend, and that you are enabled to serve Me and not the god of self that is murderous.