I Will Return, Renew, and Restore My People

I speak unto you this day and I say that it is Me the Living God who wants to return My people, renew them under the power of My Spirit, and restore them to their place of safety and security in Me, as you well know that the hatred for Me, My Son, My Spirit, and My spirit people is getting worse.

More and more, My people around the world are being found under character mutilation and demonically inspired witchcraft attacks. In some nations, My people are persecuted, prosecuted and put in prisons on false charges oftentimes invented by those who are “the law.”

The abusive attitude that prevails in these times is plainly the result of the fact that far too many have yielded to unbelief and prefer to listen to the messages of demons rather than My Spirit. Because of this, the door is left open, and multitudes are found walking afar off from Me and pursuing the course of their own despair and destruction.

However, I look down and I see the ones who have been persecuted for their identity with My Son Jesus, and I have mercy upon them. Some have lost everything in order to remain true. Others have been publicly disgraced and shamed because of lies spoken by hypocrites.

Even now, some have been scattered by the persecutions, prosecutions and imprisonments they have undergone because of their belief in Jesus. Yet, these ones who have remained faithful throughout all of their sufferings are precious, and it gives Me pleasure to see them returned, renewed, and restored.

Those who know how dreadful and frightening it is to be hounded, hunted, and not be enabled to settle down know that I am the One who has sustained them along the rocky winding pathway they are on. It is a joy to see the ones who have stood and not altered their belief in My Son, My Spirit, and Me no matter the pressures that they have undergone.

Be glad this day that you can rejoice that I bring forth My goodness and I show that I am the God who is well able to bless My people and give to them relief from their sorrows and replenish them with My abundance. Therefore, continue to trust yourselves to Me and obey the commands and dictates of My Spirit, and keep yourselves under the covering that is life and not death.

Those who are following My Spirit will be able to give Me thanks and praise, for they will be rejoicing to be among the redeemed once again. They are not going to be found murmuring and complaining, because their joy is to find their life in Me and not the world.

As you are living in times of complete and total insanity, know that you are not meant to join the army of insane, wandering, hopeless ones who are made plainly visible. Instead, you can run into Me and be kept in the high tower of safety that I provide. For this, be always giving thanks and show forth your gratitude through praising Me and cooperating with the commands and dictates of My Spirit that guide you in truth.

Although you may feel weary and worn, realize that that does not need to be your permanent posture. Instead, you can know that over and over in the history of My people, it is Me who did return, renew, and restore My people by My hand and My mercy.

My mercies have not departed and they are ever available for you to partake of day after day. Therefore, do not let the demonic powers paint a sign of hopeless despair and cause you to believe that such is the only way that the world is headed.

Remember, it is Me the Living God who has created all things, and I can likewise create the way for you and guide you forth by My Spirit in the same. You do not need to accept the lies of liars, nor do you need to be under the ugliness that signifies how empty and insane people are in these times.

Yes, it is true that the world’s leaders are led by demons and are power hungry over everything that comes before them, which they believe they are meant to control. Repeatedly, they will savagely move on those who have not nearly so much and demand surrender, or they will exercise extreme aggression against their neighbors and even those afar off.

Do not take on the troubles of the world and let them bog you down, for as long as there are humans with the human nature, these issues will continue to erupt and dominate. However, you are not called to partake of their problems and sorrows. You are meant to be partakers of My truth and My light.

I give to those who keep looking to Me as their source the strength that is eternal and everlasting. Be glad even now that you do not need to go in the way of the wicked, nor do you need to become insane. Rather, you can walk soberly, redeeming the time and knowing that I am with you and that I miraculously provide for you such as you need, and by the same you are kept and uplifted, directed and guided by the Spirit.

In these times when it appears that things are growing worse by the day for the ones who keep their hope in Me, they will see things growing better for them. This is because I delight to give to My people goodness and mercy, because as they stay true to Me, so am I true to them.

Therefore, be glad that you do not need to be continually vexed, for it is My time and I am calling to those who long for Me and have been wounded, scattered, tattered, and torn to come, for when I desire to restore, that is exactly what I do. How I do that is by My miracle power. Therefore, let your hearts rejoice in hope, for I do not want you in the ditch of despair; I want you in the joy of restoration.