Are You Cursed, Bewitched, and Possessed?

I speak unto you this day and I say that there are endless multitudes who live their lives in the throes of demonic powers. Their lives are cursed, they are under witchcraft spells, and they are literally possessed of the powers of evil. Needless to say, they know misery, hardship, heartbreak, oppression and depression continually. Many die under the work of sorcerers who use all manner of deceitful and devious means to bring others under the psychic control and make such ones dependent upon them.

Throughout the world, there are mediums of power who are transmitting and transforming themselves into anything they want to be, as their powers come from the devil and he is the master of deceit. Such mediums are usually well off because they are extracting monies from those who believe in them to put forth their false, deceptive messages and curses.

I do not call My people to be interacting with such ones who are full of gross darkness. Rather, My people are meant to keep themselves free of the falsity of these evil workers. Those who are operating out of the gross darkness want to bring people under the same evil control that they are under and see the ones they recruit in misery.

Be thankful this day that as true believers, you can see the necessity of walking uprightly and refusing the contamination of such evil spirits that want only to bring men, women, and children into captivity to darkness. I want My people to shine forth as lights in these sin-sick times and to declare boldly that it is Me that they serve and will obey. Therefore, do not be partaking of the enchantments and incantations that attempt to lure you into the traps of transformation trickery.

It has never been intended that My people would partake of the unclean spiritual food that is offered by the mediums of darkness and come under the sorcerers’ control that will cause much sorrow and devastation. Throughout the world, there are many terrible maladies that befall those who come under the witchcraft control that is proudly exhibited by the workers of wickedness.

If people knew the vast number of hideous accidents, crimes, atrocities, violent eruptions, constant quarreling, sexual violations, murders, bloodshed, and wars that come as the result of the works and workers of darkness, they would be shocked. Yet, because they are so used to eating of the tables of destruction, death, and damnation, they love what is killing them. This is because whether they realize it or not, they are under demonic possession, and the very thought of changing by serving Me is repulsive to them.

Over and over, both locally, nationally, and globally, this situation is replayed as the demonic powers are roaming about, looking to human vessels to enter into. Some people who are open in the spirit dimension can connect and receive even hundreds of demon spirits and live in constant vexation and frustration.

Be aware, however, that I see their plight, their fright, and I offer them what is right in order to set them free and cause them to come to Me through salvation in Jesus My Son. However, the majority will reject and despise the overshadowing of the Holy Spirit because they prefer darkness to the light that is found in Me. This is because they are so possessed that their deeds, their desires, and their lusts are entwined with demons.

The serpents have so penetrated such ones with deceptions that they are under the spell of various spirits of evil and do not want to escape from the cruelty and bondage they are in. They live in dread and constant fear of the demon forces that direct their lives. They are literally hypnotized by the spirits of darkness that hold them in the grips of death.

If you really consider the misery of such ones, the fears that rule their daily lives, and the blindness they live and die under, be serving Me in gladness because you have been redeemed through Jesus Christ. Rejoice that through Jesus you have the power to overcome, prevail, and prevent demonic control over your lives.

Through the power of the blood of Jesus and the glory that is in His Name, you can command and demand demonic powers to loose their hold, and they must obey. Likewise, you have the power of deliverance whereby you can see others as well as yourselves set free, delivered of any and all wicked harassment that would attempt to overtake and devour.

The reality is that this sin-cursed earth is under the rule of the serpent and his serpentine spirits (demon powers). However, there is the divine inheritance that you have in Jesus Christ to rebuke, refute, and refuse all such evil powers as are always looking for victims to project their poison into.

This day, as the ones who are truly thankful to be redeemed, let the praises and celebration be because you know Me and you are found under the covering of truth rather than lies. Give Me thanks because you are not found under curses, bewitchment, and possession by forces of darkness. Do not hesitate to declare these causes for rejoicing to others who are found entrenched in the wickedness that is commonplace in these times. Likewise, be in tune with Me as the One you love and keep your allegiance unto.

There are endless alluring lies and deceits awaiting those who are dumb and desirous of sin. However, as you bear witness of My kingdom and Jesus the King, there are some who will hear and be set free of their chains.