Resolution Revolution

I speak unto you this day and I say: It is time and past time for My people to wake up to the fact that they must enter into Resolution Revolution or see their own lives consumed by the darkness that is over the earth at this time. I do not intend for My people to be swept away by the demonic powers that are looming, devouring, and destroying multitudes who are subjecting themselves to the same by their spiritual laziness.

When people, My people in particular, do not fight the battle in the spirit, then of course the demonic powers come in like a flood and bring ruination as they do. Consider that the flood waters are full of all manner of uncleanness, sickness, disease, disorder, and distress. Those waters are sent to bring despair, destruction, depression, and death.

This is why it is so important to take a stand, an adamant stand against the powers of darkness and not give up as the battle goes on. I do not call My people to raise the flag of surrender. Rather, I call them to raise the flag of victory, for I am the I AM God. Reality is that I remain supreme and I cause the collapse of multitudes of peoples, tribes, and nations that yield to demonic powers and by the same become insane and extremely wicked.

Be aware that I do not put My approval on wickedness, for the same is repulsive to Me, and I am not moved by those who are not determined and want to offer to Me their lame excuses. Why should I be accepting of such lies when My Son did not back down from His resolution to finish the course that was set before Him?

Inasmuch as Jesus was, is, and always will be the pattern Son, those who are truly aspiring to be His must be resolved to continue steadfast and not turn back to the arms of demons waiting to welcome them. Those who turn back in the battle are the ones who will reap the repercussions of their choices against Me and My purposes and goals for their lives.

Those who choose their own will above My will are literally choosing and ensuring themselves an eternal future in hell. While they attempt to disprove the truth when they have left the truth for lies, they cannot. My Spirit is always there to convict them of their sins and to cause them pain. There are multitudes who love to put on a vain show as though they have it all together, when really the only thing that is together is their souls and demons.

I do not want My people to be ruined because they did not resolve their own problems with disobedience. Disobedience is rebellion, and when people choose to rebel against Me, they are openly showing they love themselves more than they love Me.

I have spoken it, and the same truth remains, that My people are to have no other gods before Me or beside Me. I will not be one among many, and when people are loving themselves more than Me, they are seeing themselves as gods and are demanding worship and praise. These ones are not acting or believing according to My counsel. They are following the counsel of lies and are in the habitation of demon powers.

This is not the time for people to be double minded, double tongued, and double crossed because they are hearing from many masters, which are demons in many disguises. This is the time to have a made-up mind to continue in revolution against sin, against demonic powers, against spiritual wickedness in “high places” on this earth.

Be aware that the way that multitudes are going is literally the way of death and damnation. Those who refuse to contend with the evil forces because they are cowards will find themselves ruled by evil forces. While they refused to resolve their minds and hearts to do My will, they will find themselves in captivity to the very things they thought to be of more value.

You see, I am jealous, and I will not tolerate those who want to play their games and tell Me lies while they commit spiritual and natural adultery and imagine they get by. Such ones as these who have played their games for too long will find what they have gained by their games their own prison houses of incarceration. They pump themselves up that they are good people, yet if they are disobedient, they are wretches before Me.

Multitudes have made resolutions year after year that they do not keep, and they sink back down into the bog of sin and wallow in the same. Such behavior is unacceptable to Me, and I do not accept those who want to play the sin game over and over.

This day, make the resolution that you will not play games nor rebel against Me, but rather you will continue steadfastly, knowing that I am who I say that I am and that I will give you all that you need. You do not need to be discouraged nor defeated by the demon powers that are swarming like hungry mosquitoes. Rather, throw the net of My protection over you and keep on going onward in the way that I have provided and that My Spirit leads you in. Rejoice that you are in resolution revolution and that you do not need to be a victim of the desolation devastation that the devil offers to any who want lies above the truth.

The agenda of the wicked remains the same old story: steal, kill, and destroy. Lies, pretension, and division become their goals in order to bring about confusion, chaos, and craziness so that they can rule over the masses. Be thankful that you are not handing in your resignation but rather you are giving Me your resolution for My will.