Beware the Power of Greed

I speak unto you this day and I say: Beware the power of greed, for the same has caused multitudes to end in premature death and to likewise lose their souls because of giving way to the vileness and treachery of greed.

When you see what demons of greed do to people, it is extremely deadly and destructive. If you consider the wars that are being waged throughout the world, it is because of the greed of insane leaders who want everything for themselves, and because of that, they are eager to launch out in lust for power.

I do not intend for men, women, and children to lose their souls to the demonic powers that motivate humans to the covetous greed that brings their destruction. I intend for people to be satisfied with whatsoever they have and to content themselves with the same. When those who are Mine are looking to Me, they will find that I provide and make the way for them that no one else can make.

When you truly make observation of the conditions that people end in because of greediness and lust for what belongs to others, it is sad to behold. Over and over throughout the history of humankind, people have been ruined because of the demonic powers of avarice, greed, covetous lust, and damning desire for more than they need.

Those who are always wanting more and more and are looking to their own capabilities to obtain the same, are looking to lies. The truth is that I do not want My people overindulgent in the things of this world, and those who imagine they must have everything their hearts and minds lust for are dumb.

The trap of overindulgence is one that many succumb to. Then they cannot stand against other powers of wickedness that come against them. This is because they are tripped up with the lust for the forbidden that I have never intended or ordained for them.

Indeed, I do promise, and I keep My promises that I will give to My people all that they need in every circumstance and situation where My Spirit leads them. Yes, I do keep My promises and I provide as they need. However, I do not supply them according to their greed. Therefore, do not go to complaining that you do not have sufficient, when I know exactly what you need in every circumstance and situation.

When My people are put in situations whereby they must mingle with the world’s people, I do not want them to take up the ways of the world. Such ways as are found in the broad way of the world are the ways that lead to destruction, and each of those ways is related to greed in one form or another.

Know of a surety that no man, woman, or child will be able to take with them any of the things that they have accumulated through demonically driven greed. Those “treasures” will remain on earth and cannot buy them anything when they stand before Me. Basically, people come into this world with nothing, and they shall leave it the same way. That is why it is so foolish to overaccumulate and then be possessed of the possessions that you have acquired.

Do not by any means make false assumptions as to the true values in this life on earth. It is not by carnal riches that people gain the treasures that remain. It is not by power greedy, insane leaders that the world finds any semblance of peace. Rather, it is by adhering unto Me as the One that My people are meant to desire more of and to be increased in godly wisdom, knowledge, and understanding.

Do not think that I am cruel, harsh and unloving if I discipline you and teach you the true treasures you are meant to have. The more that you see how empty those things of the world really are, then you will increase in gratitude, for I give you the treasures that remain and are eternal riches. Be thankful this day that the Way that I give is the way that is intended for all of those who really want to be with Me in eternity.

The ways that the world has are the very highways that lead to hell and damnation of their souls forever. When people bite the bait of demon powers, then they are caught in the traps that accompany the bait they bite. It is intended by Me that people would consider carefully the consequences of the choices they make, for when they are choosing in opposition to Me, they are choosing to destroy themselves.

They will not live in assurance that I am with them. Rather, they will live in fear because they can never have enough stuff to satisfy the emptiness inside of them. This emptiness is because they have chosen to glut out on the world and are never satisfied.

There are countless multitudes and national as well as global leaders who are imagining they must have more and more, and by the same they are never going to find satisfaction. They grind the faces of the poor into the dirt to make their gains, then they still do not find satisfaction. Literally, such ones will always be driven by greed and demand for power, lust, riches, and fame.

The tragedy is, they end in shame. Whether the route they take is obviously sinful or by false respectability, all will end in the same place: hell. There they will find themselves never able to be freed from the gnawing, nagging, demanding demons that put them in the prison houses of torment they are in.

So realistically, do not be enticed by greed and the assumptions that you must have more and more. You do not need to satisfy greed, for it cannot be stopped or find the place of rest, because such is demonic. Be glad that you are not driven by demons. Rather, you are led by My Spirit as I desire.