Those Looking for Trouble Get Double

I speak unto you this day and I say that those who are looking for trouble are foolish. They will get trouble returned to them double, and then they will want to complain about the very troubles they went looking for in the beginning. I have not intended that My people would be participating in the trouble game. Rather, I want My people to be secure in Me and ever abiding in the peace, the strength, and the safety of who I am.

Therefore, keep your vision single unto Me and know that I am the One who is well able to keep you in every circumstance and situation. As you are steady in your commitments to Me, you will see that the world’s people and the insane leaders who are over them are always steeped in troubles. That is, they love the conflict, the bloodshed, the criminality that they pursue with vigor. All the while, they are all involved, yet they will turn on one another and point the finger.

There are none who are walking in integrity, who are attempting to do right in a wicked world, if they are doing so out of their own carnality. This is because it will be evidenced repeatedly that there is no good thing to be found in carnality. Even those who appear to “have it all together” are fooling themselves. They are plainly stupid at hiding their own sins.

However, be aware that none hides their sins from Me, and the ones who presume that they do are deceiving themselves. Be aware that I do not find pleasure in the fools who are conceited and deceiving others in their own devious ways whereby they pay heed to demons rather than Me.

Repeatedly, those who look for trouble find themselves steeped in the same. Over and over, trouble comes to them even when they imagine that they have done nothing wrong. Yet, they will not change their behaviors, and over and over, they keep up the same in order to prove that they know so much more than others. Troubles and pride love each other and are demonic companions.

The people who are choosing to be covered by trouble and pride will see that in the same they are not kept in Me. Rather, they are kept in demonic clutches that cause them never-ending troubles. Because of their pride, they are blinded to what is actually transpiring in their lives, and they repeat the same process over and over.

It is really a sad thing to see people whose whole lives are abounding with troubles and pride. They simply cannot cease from habitual trouble, causing the same to themselves and others, and their pride tells them that they do nothing that is wrong before Me.

Be thankful that you do not have to be caught up in the perpetual trouble game. Rather, you can be directed, corrected, instructed in the pathway that I give you, for it is the way that is peace because it is My Spirit you are ruled by, not demonic spirits. To be ruled by demons is to be ruled by cruelty and is not meant for My people. As you remain under the covering of the Holy Spirit, you are not taken into the ungodly way that will cause you much trouble and trauma.

When you look at the world in these times, there are troubles that multiply over and over because world leaders are so proud and power hungry. They are driven by the same purpose: insane desire for power and control over others and the world.

Why is it that men and women allow themselves to grow deluded by demons? It is because they think more highly of themselves and their abilities than is reality. They are consumed with the lust for never-ending power and commit all manner of atrocities to obtain the same.

The ugly thing is that they mobilize the youth to participate in their wild schemes and delusions of grandeur. Then, as those youth are killed off for the power dogs’ schemes, the nations are left without a reasonable number of youth still surviving.

So, entire generations suffer under the cruelty and obsession of the leaders of these times, who are driven by demons. Over and over, such a scenario is repeated, and people are too dull and dumb to catch on to the fact that wicked men and women in high places with vast riches are guilty of orchestrating the dramatic troubles that seem never ending.

Be alert to the fact that the demonic powers of these rich men and women spread out far and wide, and they are full of evil plans, schemes, and dreams. They have deep hatred for Me and for the principles of righteousness. However, it is Me the Living God who will render them powerless and helpless as they are hurled headlong into hell.

Because these men and women saw themselves as world rulers, they will be ruled by the same cruelty and torment they ruled their recruits with while on earth. Such ones will never be able to buy their way out of hell. Rather, they will burn with unquenchable fire, and the torment of the same will prove to be never ending.

Therefore, do not look upon these ones as useful. Their only goals are to eradicate as many people as they can by their wicked schemes. By their own evil practices, they will be shown that their lives are meaningless before Me and that I find no pleasure in them.

As they are eternally locked in the bitter troubles and torments of hell, they will scream, moan, cry and beg, all to no avail. They will make outlandish offers of how much they will pay to be set free. However, their riches were left on earth, and they are naked before Me, shown up as the vile creatures they are.