Will You Be Gathered?

I speak unto you this day and I ask: Will you be gathered? Inasmuch as it is only too obvious that as the insane power-hungry leaders of this current world are going more crazy by the day, there are many storms coming. The reason I am asking you this is because I want to cover My people and keep them in the safety that only I can provide, whereby they will be protected from the storms that are raging on the horizon.

When My Son spoke these words to Jerusalem in the days of His earthly journey, He clearly saw their condition and He declared that they would not come under His protection. Even though He desired to gather them as a hen gathers her chicks when a storm is coming, He knew that they would refuse. However, He wanted to extend the invitation because He did not want them blown away by the storm. Rather, He wanted them protected by His mercy.

In reality, it is disappointing to think that a mother hen and her chicks have more sense than people do. Yet when people are in rebellion against Me, they are very dumb and dull to say the least. Because they are choosing what they imagine to be their own way, they are really being motivated by demonic forces and led into a way that I never intended nor provided.

It is sad what happened to Jerusalem, and it is sad what happens to people even now, that they will not listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit that is calling to them to come under My wings and be protected. I do not want My people, especially the little ones, to go under unnecessary trials and tribulations and be devastated by the same.

If you have ever seen hens who have a flock of chicks, when the winds start blowing and the clouds are dark, they begin to call to their chicks to come and be under their wings. They know how many chicks they have and can easily identify them from other chicks. They keep up their call till all of the chicks are safely under the protection of their mothers. The chicks respond to the call of their mothers, and they run fast to get under the protection that the mother hens provide.

How much it must have been a sorrowful thing to Jesus when the ones who were meant to be My children would not even respond and come under the wings that would keep them in safety. This was the spirit of rebellion, and the same demonic powers are at work today, causing multitudes to respond in negativity and rebellion.

The chicks immediately hear the call of their mothers and come running. However, people hear the call to run to protection, and they refuse and rebel as though they were being denied the privilege of being in the midst of the storm. There is no reason to undergo a storm when there is the safety that I provide freely to all who hear the call and run to the protection I make for them.

Because of the spirits that are in the world in these times, those who should be the first to run under My shelter are the first to refuse and rebel . Consequently, they pay for their choices against Me and the assumption that they can take care of themselves.

The choices they make against Me show how really dull and dumb they are, for while they imagine all that they do makes them “oh, so secure,” the opposite is true. Those who are depending on their own strength are depending on that which will fail them in the midst of the storm. Multitudes perish in the storms that come quickly and with great strength.

I do not want My people to perish in such storms. Rather, I prefer My people to listen to Me as the One who has given them the Holy Spirit who directs and instructs them. This is done through My Spirit in order that they do not wander away from the truth and by the same cause themselves harm. Even when My people have grown dull and dumb in following the Holy Spirit, I will not abandon them if there is still hope and health for them in and through Me.

It is foolish for those who choose against Me to imagine that they are “perfectly fine” when they are not. It is much better for My people to humble themselves and cry out to Me in their sufferings, whatever those sufferings may be.

Those who should be alert and alive in the spirit dimension are literally terrified of the Acts of the Spirit, thinking that they can get by on Me and pursue the course of deadly sin and it does not matter to Me or them. While they are puffed on pride, they will refuse the ingathering, then do what they want and receive nothing out of the same. Be thankful that I do not leave you desolate. Rather, I give to you the needs that you have to continue to obey and do My will for you.

Although there are many who hear My call to them, most will refuse because they imagine they know a “better way” or that whatever they want is more important. Nothing could be farther from the truth and the reality of the journey that I send My Spirit to lead you on.

Therefore, do not waver. If I tell you to do a certain thing, make sure that you obey and do not falter, nor fail to render obedience to Me. The more that My people will move under the commands of My Spirit, the more they will know and understand that in the same I keep them.

Those who want to do things their own way are full of the deception that comes to them from their transgressions and violations. Ask yourselves this day: Will you move with Me? Will you be gathered before the storm?