Drama, Trauma, Bring Tragedy

I speak unto you this day and I say: Beware of those who always must have drama, trauma, and tragedy in their lives. Such ones as these are motivated by demons who want them to be the central focus of attention, and they will do anything to maintain the same. When people are centering themselves on continual upsets, that is exactly what they will have.

I do not want My people to be upset and ever in drama, trauma, and tragedy. It is intended that My people would keep themselves stayed upon Me and by the same be brought forth in the peace that only I can provide. Therefore, do not be as those who invite troubles and desire others to be caught up in the focus which is upon them.

If you will learn to keep your focus upon Me rather than yourselves, then you will find that I do wondrous things for you and that I will make the way when it appears that there is no way. Therefore, do not be continually troubled and brought low because you are concentrating on yourselves and your problems and situations.

It is My intention that as My people, you train yourselves to be centered and focused upon Me as the One you want to please. Do not be as the foolish who choose to focus on themselves and, by the same, dig a pit from which they cannot escape.

Reality is that some people, through the means of social media, actually imagine themselves to be “movie stars” and they will put up post after post of their situations and circumstances to draw attention to themselves. Actually, those who have an imaginary world built via social media will find in the end that their world is based on the world’s values and not Mine. Far too many people in these times are caught up in the social media networks and have no life other than the isolation of their devices.

With the advancement of technology in these times, people have become more and more alienated from real and lasting relationships. They somehow imagine that what they project is what is real, and they only need to adhere to the same and by such they will be kept. How senseless they are, for their main focus is controlled by demonic spirits that take them every which way and cause them internal disturbance and disruption.

The reaction is similar in many people: drama, trauma, and tragedy. Over and over, they turn flips and flops, and their mood swings are completely wild, and they gain the label by the world’s professionals of being “bi-polar,” which means demon controlled.

However, the world does not recognize the demonic activity that stirs and motivates many of the people they label and prescribe drugs for. So, the problems do not get better; they get worse, for through the drugs, people are opened up to more and more demonic infestation.

Literally, in these times, people are guilty of multiplied sins and transgressions. They do not stop and consider the consequences of their choices and their actions. Instead, they allow themselves to be swept along by irrational and immoral suggestions, and commit things they later regret.

Just as the drunkard behaves in ways that are shameful, so do those who are under the influence of various drugs respond to demonic suggestions and do things that are immoral and unjust before Me. All the while, they know that with men they can get by because of the certain diagnosis they have.

There are some who commit murder then brag that they can get by with “temporary insanity” while they have taken someone’s life and have no shame over the same. Consider how hard the hearts of people who are under the control of demon spirits as well as drugs have become. They have no shame, no sorrow, no regret over the most atrocious of actions that bring about tragedy to others.

Be aware that the times that are upon the earth at this time are vile, degraded, and destitute of truth. Since educated men and women have sought to do away with Me and not allow the generations to be taught about Me, they have flung open the doors to demon infestation that does not stop.

It has never been My intention that children would be raised completely godless and without any conscience whatsoever. When the children are taught nothing but what demons intend, consider that they will have no respect for Me, nor for My purposes and intentions. Their hearts will be hard, and their minds will be scattered and spaced, unable to focus on anything other than where the demon powers lead them.

It is indeed a shameful thing that has taken place, and the same will cause many to live in more and more alienation and isolation, as people are lured into the realms of insanity then cannot escape the same. If you consider the endless crowds of homeless, helpless, mindless multitudes that are everywhere, it is because of unbelief and rebellion. My intention is that people would have life and have it more abundantly because it is Me that they are serving and not their own selves.

Be thankful that you do not need to be as those who squander their lives on vanity, then take the course of profanity and insanity and destroy themselves and end it all in damnation of soul. Be aware that I do not want them there; it is by their choices that they are taken far from Me and end up despising their lives to the extent that many of them commit suicide, and others ventilate violence on others. Let gladness be your way of life rather than sadness. Rejoice that you are not in drama, trauma, and tragedy.