Many Masters Bring Disasters

I speak unto you this day and I say that I do not call you to serve many masters and by the same become confused and disoriented in what I want you to do. If you stop and consider, it is Me the Living God who has called you to be attentive unto Me and to walk in the way that I give and provide for you.

As My people, you are meant to be in subjectivity to the commands and dictates of the Holy Spirit that I have given to you, for the same will uplift and direct you in the way that is eternal life. When you are strictly adhering to the way of My Spirit, you will not be under the control of the multitude of demon spirits that are swarming like insects angrily stinging.

You can be thankful that such spirits cannot sting you, nor insert their poison into you and cause you to be taken under the poisonous control of those demons that are darkness and evil. I do not intend for those who are Mine to be subject to the commands of many masters and likewise be in continual disaster in their lives.

When My people keep their vision, their purpose, and their hope stayed upon Me, they will not be afraid. Rather, they will be uplifted and enabled to rejoice always that I alone am their Master and Lord. If you consider the insanity that people are yielding themselves unto in these times, it is very ugly to behold. People, when they are ruled by demons, are capable of many horrid and vile things.

I did not make humanity to be what they have become. It is by their choices that they have deteriorated to such a state of being, and it is by such that they will find themselves overwhelmed and overtaken by the same. Then they do things that are forbidden by Me, and commit atrocities and abominations that I abhor and despise.

Why are they reduced to such a state of existence? It is because they are listening to many demon (mastering) spirits rather than My Spirit. The consequences are unbelievably ugly and cause great hostility and violence, even murder among them. That is, they are unable to live peaceably with one another and they are continually behaving in ways that are never at peace.

Do not in any way whatsoever imagine that I am in agreement with such behaviors. I am not, and I do not accept those who want to whore after many masters then say that they are loving and serving Me. I am not mocked, and I know the ones who have gone a whoring from Me and taken to the darkness of demonic powers.

Be aware of the reality that stands to all generations: I am not mocked, and those who imagine that they can mock Me through their whorish behaviors are actually living in the conjecture of their own minds. They are controlled by demons, and the same causes them many disasters, tragedies and regrets.

However, even though they may experience regret, the majority refuse to repent and change their ways. They would rather continue in darkness and iniquity than to stay true to Me as the One they are meant to serve and obey. Stop and consider that these ones are short-sighted and controlled by the very iniquities that want to devastate them and take them to hell under cunning deceptions that they choose above the truth.

Do not be easily swayed, nor taken control of by the demonic forces that are evident in these times. In fact, it is intended that you would stay on red alert in the spirit dimension inasmuch as those who stand strong in Me are a special target of the forces of evil. Over and over, when those who are meant to be true to Me get eyes full of adultery, then they are easily overtaken and overwhelmed.

Therefore, be alert and alive, not yielding to the agendas of evil that are ever present and wanting to devour and destroy any and all who will be yielded to the powers that will overtake and overpower them. Know that My way is precious and perfect and that you are privileged to be led forth by My Spirit and mastered over by Me.

Rejoice and be glad that you are not found in the company of the damned, in the sense that you are a captive slave to sin. Rather, you are renewed, refreshed, and restored daily as you receive the washing of My Word and adhere to the same with gladness. When you truly consider that I am your source, strength and safety, be all the more thankful that it is Me that you serve and obey.

When you look upon the disorder, disorientation, disturbed and depressed multitudes who are all over the city streets and even migrating to the highways and byways, be aware that they are the result of many masters. Be aware that they put themselves there by their choices against Me and their decisions to play the whore and imagine they get by.

In the days of old, those who played the whore were put to death. I no longer put such ones to physical death. Rather, they become dead in the spirit and under the captivity of fleshly lusts and vile sins that are wrong. This is why I am telling you it is so important to stay true in your behavior and alert in the spirit, that you do not succumb to the very things that want you dead and destroyed.

Why do people choose the abominations and transgressions that they live and die in? It is because they are serving many masters and they want what the demons inspire, because their hearts are not true to Me.