Fire Wall over All

I speak unto you this day and I say that it is Me the Living God who is putting around My people the wall of protection from the stalking, mocking enemies who hate Me. The reason that My true people have been under the persecution of the wicked is because they hate to hear the truth and they imagine that if they can destroy My people, then the truth is destroyed.

Well, they are wrong, for the truth cannot be destroyed by mere humans who overestimate their own powers. When people grow intoxicated on pride, then they imagine themselves to be something far more than they are. That is, they are under the perception and the deception that they shall prevail, when they will not.

It is not My intention that the wicked would perish, but they are the ones who make the determination to refuse My Holy Spirit when the same is calling to them to repent. Because the wicked are possessed by demons, they refuse the call of the Holy Spirit and choose the wicked demons that advance them to greater deception, greater pride, and more wretched and vile behaviors.

While the wicked may attempt to destroy My true people in order to free themselves of the presence of the truth, their efforts are in vain. The reason is that the truth is far stronger than any demonic force that attempts to eradicate My people and the truth they are standing for.

I do not intend that My people would abandon the wall of fire sent to protect them and enter into the world, whereby they will be consumed in the fires of lust and end in the fires of hell. Rather, it is My intention that My people would choose the truth and walk in the same each and every day. Do not find a purpose in spiritual adultery and imagine that I am deluded by those who play the whore on Me.

Those who are truly serving Me will see the temptations as the feeble attempts that they are to bring ruination to those who are faithful to their salvation through Jesus Christ. The demonic attempts at ruination will only end those who are driven by demons to their own damnation. I have My true people covered by the fire wall that I have in these times put around all who stay true to Me.

When you meet with the ones who are flipping and flopping, know that I do not want them there, but they are unstable because they listen to demon spirits rather than My Spirit. Be thankful this day that you can lock into My Spirit and seek to abide in the same at all times. As you are adhering to the mind of My Spirit, you will grow in wisdom, understanding and knowledge.

I want My people increased in the true riches, which are more important than all of the treasures that are merely carnal and cannot be taken with any in the life hereafter. Therefore, do not be deviated by the temptations of the wicked to sell out for the carnal riches and become one more fool who is choosing their own destruction and damnation.

When you see the misery of those who have chosen the wrong fire, realize that you have abundance of mercy surrounding you in the flames of fire that drive away the enemy forces. There will be given to you the protection that only I can provide because I love you and I want you to realize how much I am able to do for you as My people.

There are indeed vast multitudes of people in these times who were called of Me, who have rejected that call because they were carnally minded. In their rejection of My calling, they are falling deeper and deeper into the corruption of sin. All the while, they undergo more and more misery as they are stubborn and proud, unwilling to bend the knee and repent. Consequently, they actually work hard at their own despair, destruction and damnation, and in the end, hell’s fire receives them where they remain in the flames for eternity.

Be appreciative of the fire wall that I have declared to surround you in these times, because as you are protected by My fire, you will be enabled to live in the safety that I alone can give to My own people. There are many choices for those who want to go a whoring, and all of those choices lead them into death. Choose for Me each day and see clearly that My Holy Spirit leads you onward in life, the life that I have prepared for you.

Just as it was in the days of My people of old when they were soberly following Me—I kept them protected and they were not devoured nor destroyed by the nations round about—I desire to show to My true people in these times that while the world around them is burning up with the lust of everything imaginable, I protect them from the flames of death. Reality is that I want My people to be protected from the fires of death and likewise to burn with the fires of love for Me.

As My people are burning with My Holy Fire, they will likewise be able to spark others to come into the fire wall of protection and be set aflame with the fires of love for Me. Actually, do not look at these present times as more than you can take. Look at them as times when you will see repeatedly My miraculous mercies demonstrated and shown forth to the world of insane captives as they long to be freed from captivity.

Be thankful to know that I am the One who gives you all that you need and brings you forth rejoicing in the provision of My fire wall over you.