Hear and Heed, or Ignore and Play the Whore?

I speak unto you this day and I would ask you: Will you hear and heed, or will you ignore and play the whore? There are many of those who claim that they hear from Me, yet they do not obey. Instead, they choose to ignore what they have heard and play the whore with the world. Those who play the whore on Me are walking on thin ice, and the time will come when they will fall through and be drowned in the icy waters of sin.

Foolish are the ones who refuse to follow the commands of My Spirit and choose instead to follow the commands of demon forces. Those who are following demonic dictates will end in hell because of their own dumb and stupid choices for disobedience. Be aware that I do not want you to choose for disobedience. I want you to choose for the eternal-life way that is found in obedience to the Holy Spirit commands.

In these wayward and careless times, there are multitudes who have chosen the ways of destruction and damnation, and all the while they ignore the voice of My Spirit. By seeking to satisfy the lust of their flesh and fulfill their own ambitions, they set themselves up to be controlled by demonic spirits who operate under the devil’s agenda: to kill, steal and destroy.

When you consider the ugliness that evolves in such cases, there is no good that comes of such choices. While people who ignore and play the whore think themselves to be wise, they prove themselves to be dumb. This is because they are indulging in the idolatry of their own way rather than My way. There are many ways that seem right to men, but those ways are nothing but death to them in the end.

I absolutely do not want My people to be found in the way that is damnation because of choosing the wrong way. My true people are meant to hear and heed what it is that is spoken to them with willingness and thanksgiving because they love Me. I find joy and pleasure in the ones who love Me more than themselves and are wanting to please Me. As My Son has spoken it, and so it remains true even now, those who come forth in The Way are the ones who will forsake their own ways and come into The Way of Life.

It is important that those who are serving in obedience will see repeatedly that it is important to hear and heed every single day and not get the eyes full of adultery that so many have given themselves unto. I do not find any joy whatsoever in the ones who are living in disobedience and disrespect of Me because they are proving themselves to be utter fools. This is because they are choosing to be losing by adhering to the world rather than Me.

When you see the ones who have chosen the world, you will see that they are headed down the highway to hell and going faster by the day. In their own minds, they are “right.” However, they are wrong because they are the ones who have chosen to ignore and play the whore with the world. The world offers to them a giant array of ways that they can sin then wipe their mouths and claim they have done no evil.

However, in My sight, they have done great evil, and their hearts are hard towards Me. Such as these are guilty of degradation, devastation, and abomination. Consequently, they do not in any way choose to maintain My standard and walk uprightly, redeeming the time. I am thoroughly disgusted with all of their antics and behaviors that are perverse and wicked.

Be thankful each day that you can walk in the way of humility whereby you listen carefully, hear My Spirit, then heed the Words that produce life rather than death. When My people are feeding off of the Words of Life, then they are given the joy that comes of serving Me in the attitude of gratitude. It is indeed the best thing in the world to cherish the great gift of salvation that Jesus provides by His total obedience.

Therefore, keep in the straight and narrow way that is given to you as the children of the promise. As you know, Jesus is the first born of many brothers and sisters, and as you choose His way, you are a joy to Me. Do not take on the unruly spirits that are roaming in these times. Rather refuse such forces, and do not absorb the fear that is present everywhere and become a sponge for the same. Know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I do not forsake you. Rather, I cause you to move forward in Me each and every day as you hear and heed the directives and dictates of My Spirit.

As My people, realize that you can be cleansed of the filthiness of the flesh and spirit if you want the refreshing waters of My Word in your life. Realize that you are meant to have your minds washed daily with the waters of My Word and to be ever present and giving Me thanks and praise.

Do not by any means give yourselves over to the ugliness and the perversions that are so commonly accepted. Rather know of a surety that from those who walk uprightly I do not withhold any good thing. Be glad that it is Me that you serve and not the multitude of idols that people are captivated by in these times of terror and wickedness.

Do not be swept up into the fear that motivates the heathen every single day, nor the vileness that is spewing forth filthiness upon the people of the land as a giant volcano of corruption. Instead, walk in the obedient way and you will see that you are able to stay faithful and true and clean through and through because it is Me that you are serving. Realize the reality of heaven and hell, and choose well each day as you hear and heed My words to you!