To Hell with Fear

I speak unto you this day and I say that I do not want you to live in the fear that is found everywhere in these times. It is not My intention, nor is it My determination that My people would be found in the clutches of fear, for the same is being promoted by the wicked on every hand.

There are wicked rulers who want total control of nations and even the world, and they are driven by demons. Inasmuch as they have uncontrollable lust for power, they use fear as the tool to control any who will yield to the same.

I have not called My people to give in to the clutching, smothering, doubt-producing power of fear. Rather, I call My people to realize that they have My Spirit ever present with them and that the same is the Guide they are meant to follow.

When you look at what fear does to people, it is ugly, and the motivation of fear is demonic when it drives people to do things that are strictly against Me and to seek for their refuge in lies and be found under demons. Repeatedly, people are collapsing to fear, and the consequences are not good. This is because when demons are in control, they cause people to do things that will cause harm to themselves and others.

When you consider the insanity of many national and world leaders at this time, they are full of fear themselves, that is, they are fearful that people will revolt and refuse their control over them. Because of such fear, these leaders become more and more oppressive and restrictive of the people they assume to have control over.

However, as they do, the people in turn become more and more determined to resist rather than submit. What is the consequence of such a condition? People are being put to death and bloodshed does not cease as the struggle for power goes on.

Reality is that I do not call My people to such fear, nor to consider that the wicked bear rule over them. I call My people to realize and to want My rule, for in the same they will find My peace. While the wicked rulers come and go, realize that what they build up is actually cannibalistic, inasmuch as those who are a part of their schemes and evil agendas will turn on them and consume them.

Be thankful this day and every day that you do not need to come under the control of those who will end in hell because of fear. Rather, you can stay steady and trusting in Me, for I am the One you are meant to look to and believe.

As it is written in the Word, the fearful will not enter into My kingdom, but they will go to hell because of their unbelief. Actually, they will see in their final abode that hell is where the fearful end up, and they are unable to escape the same. Fear causes torment, and those who end in hell because they gave in to fear will live in the torment forever.

Be thankful this day that you do not need to collapse to fear and be controlled by such wickedness. Rather, you can adhere to Me as the One you want to serve, to obey and follow after, through the ministry of My Holy Spirit, for My Spirit is with you at all times.

When My Spirit speaks to you, do not reject what the Spirit is saying. Adhere to and obey the commands of the Spirit with gladness and rejoicing that you can be uplifted and brought forth, enabled to give thanks and praise because you are in life rather than death. I do not call you to be in death; I call you to be in life, and that life is abundant in mercy and goodness.

Those who give way to fear live in torment, misery and death, even when they are still alive. Because of the outlook they choose to take, they are unable to be uplifted and giving thanks and praise to Me. By their own choices, they go down into the pit of their own making.

As you are serving each day in the attitude of gratitude, you will find that you are enabled to live in faith and that the same gives you victory over fear. Be aware that as My people, I do not want you to live in the torments and the agonies of the damned that will only cause you troubles and sorrows.

Be thankful unto Me even this day that I am the One who guides you forth by My Spirit in the pathway whereby you can have peace while others all around are in torments. Do not be deceived. I am not mocked, and I do find pleasure in all who will hearken to the Words of My Spirit and walk in obedience each day to the same.

It is clearly intended that My people would live above the realms of demonic fear that are holding vast multitudes in captivity and overwhelming bondage. Do not take up that which I have not intended and imagine that the same will give you peace. It will not. Be choosing each day to abide in faith, and when fear attempts to rise up and cause you torment, refuse, rebuke and refute fear and its torments.

When you consider how many are held in the gross captivity of fear, be glad that I keep you in the peacefulness that is found in and through the continuing abiding that you are meant to walk in. Multitudes have gone astray, and because they are not right with Me, fear becomes their way of existence.

They wake up to fear, they go to bed in fear, and they have a tormenting, wretched existence continually. Then their lives end in hell because they chose to go their way in this life on earth rather than My way.

Be glad, not sad, that you are given the opportunity to live in salvation rather than impending damnation. Choose faith over fear, and be near to Me!