Can You Love the Least?

I speak unto you this day and I say that it is important that as the disciples of My Son Jesus, you learn to love even the ones who are the very least or unimportant in the eyes of others. I do not call you to love only the rich, the famous, the intelligent, the capable. I call you to love those who are crippled, blind, mentally impaired and vexed by demons.

Do not look only for the expensively dressed and invite them into your presence; rather look likewise at the poor, the needy, the ignorant, and the ones who are dressed in rags. Realize that all have souls, and that one soul is no better than another just because of outward show.

As those who will practice the love that Jesus manifested in His days of earthly journey, He did not look to gain the approval of the well-established or the poor. He looked to please Me and fulfill My purpose for His earth life.

Stop and realize that those who are called by Me are called for the purposes that I call them unto. They are not meant to keep the new life that I have given them through the sacrifice of My Son Jesus to themselves and only look to what they can accumulate here and now. Rather, they are meant to be reliant and dependent upon Me as the One they serve and are meant to obey at all times.

If you truly consider the truth, Jesus did not cater only to the wretched, but also to the ones of esteem among the heathen, because they cried out in their need. I want My people in tune with the Holy Spirit and to be enabled by the same to hear the cries and petitions of the rich and the poor alike.

My people are not meant to lock into any realm and claim that they are meant to live for themselves. No, Jesus left the pattern, and He did not live for Himself; He lived for My purpose and plan, and wherever I directed Him, that is where He moved in obedience.

Consider how privileged you really are that you can look to Me and call upon My name, and as you do, you will see that I will give to you everything that you could possibly need. That means that I can likewise supply you with the love that you need for those who are looked down upon and considered to be the least.

It is the rich men and women of this world who can literally cause great harm because of what they do with their great riches. However, those who are needy themselves do not have time to purposely look for ways to cause harm to others, because they are busy trying to make their way in this world.

Then you must consider those who have sought physicians for their help, yet their maladies continue, and after they have spent all of their money on those who are promising help, they have nothing left. Sad to say, after all of their monies are spent, they are still left with the same maladies that beset them for years.

However, like the woman who wanted to touch the hem of the garment of Jesus—she crawled to receive that touch and when she did, she was healed—in order to get the Master’s attention, there are some who must greatly humble themselves and cry out to Him.

So it is, when you meet up with the ones who are basically considered to be garbage by the world, consider that they are important to Me if it is Me that they are crying out to for help. Therefore, if My Spirit points you to such a one or ones, do not think of yourselves as better than they are, because you do not know their situations and I do!

Those who are willing to love the least will be used mightily by Me, for they will understand that whenever the Holy Spirit moves in compassion and mercy, then souls are healed and people are gloriously restored to Me through repentance revolution. When people are truly repentant, they will turn away from their sins and come into the place whereby they are enabled to be made, through Jesus, right with Me as their Creator.

I want you to be thoroughly satisfied and coming forth ever rejoicing because you can know the infinite mercies that are given out to the least as they express their need of Me. Those who are too proud to bend the knee to Me will see that they do not get the help they need, because they are hindered by their pride and their self-confidence, which keep them in a place of separation from My mercies. Then they will have to continue to live in the miseries they are in. They are oblivious to the fact that My mercies are ever available and waiting for those who will cry out loud to Me in pleadings for My mercy and help.

As was demonstrated throughout the ministry of Jesus, He moved mightily for the ones who humbled themselves and were not ashamed to express their need of Him. Likewise, you will see the divine compassion well up within you through the Holy Spirit when you are faced with the challenge to love and serve the least. Remember that when you do deeds of kindness and mercy to the ones who are the least, you are doing them towards Me.

Whatever is done towards those who are Mine yet are in positions of hardship, imprisonment, weakness and inability to do for themselves by various and sundry conditions, you are doing towards Me. The ones who harden their hearts and stiffen their necks are regarded as fools by Me because they are choosing to serve demons of pride.

Do not ever give way to thinking of yourselves as higher than you are and by the same becoming blinded by pride. Rather be thankful that it is Me who is with the ones who are willing to serve wherever I choose to station them and whoever I call them to serve. Love the least, for it is Me you will please.