Bitter Betrayal

I speak unto you this day and I say that the end of betrayal is never as sweet as the betrayers are deceived by demons to believe. In fact, the very opposite is true. Those who are living in betrayal are living in lies, and they will reap in very painful bitterness that they will not be able to escape.

There are many in these times who are living in bitter betrayal against Me, against My Son and My Holy Spirit. Likewise, they are full of hatred for My true followers who are steadily adhering to Me. The ones who make the wrong choices in their own lives and fall into the trap that demons have laid for them will find that the same is a cesspool of bitterness and filthy waters of death. Over and over, they will relive what they have done and cannot be free of the repercussions of bitter betrayal.

Stop and consider that Judas Iscariot betrayed My Son Jesus and delivered Him into the hands of the murderous religious hypocrites who wanted Him dead. Then Judas was so taken into the bitter anguish of betrayal that after he had received the payment for his actions, he literally hanged himself and his guts spilled out. The end of his well plotted and demonically engineered scheme ended him in the wretchedness of his own physical life destroyed by suicide, and his soul is still in hell.

If you stop and consider the consequences of those who attempt to have put to death the ones who stand for Me, their lives are not good, nor are they blessed. In fact, they are under continual, never-ceasing anguish and sorrow because they are the ones who are choosing in opposition to Me and My purposes. Not only are they choosing to go for the demonic rewards of betrayal; they are choosing to suffer for the rest of their lives because they imagined that betrayal would give them everything they wanted.

So often, those who choose to betray others are choosing to do so because they are jealous of the ones they want to see put to death. In reality, they are as wicked as the ones who have sought anyone who was willing to betray so that the truth would be put to death. Therefore, know that those who are accepting the positions of betrayers are literally held accountable to the extent that they will be under continual torment for their choices.

Such behavior is commonplace in these times, and betrayers are of ever creed, color, and national origin. They, however, all hold to bitterness and resentment in their hearts against the ones they betray. This is because they are mean spirited, out for their own gain, and hateful against the ones who are standing strong for the truth. Jealousy flames high among them, and they resent each and every one who tries to oppose their wickedness, because in their own minds, they are justified in their bitter betrayal.

Jealousy and bitterness are full of accusation and displeasure with those who are standing for the truth and living the same. This is because the betrayers will not allow My Spirit to convict them. They would rather accuse, verbally abuse, and see put to death the ones who are true to their commitments and vows made to My Son Jesus. Because they have sins they have not repented of and ceased to commit, they go on and plan their own agendas of evil. They plot and scheme and look for those who will be the executioners of those who are My beloved.

Over and over, the lifestyle of Judas Iscariot repeats itself in the hearts and minds of those who are of the disposition of loving themselves more than anything or anybody. Know of a surety that I find no pleasure in such ones, for their lives are full of ugliness, and before Me they are absolute fools and not to be trusted.

However, as Judas was given the opportunity to live for Me, he did not do right by that privilege, and he was so tormented by his bitter betrayal that he hung himself, and there are multitudes who do the same. Some, like Judas, do away with themselves rapidly and spend eternity in hell. Others delay the reaction and as a consequence live continually in the way that is torment.

Driven as they are by demons, they make perpetual attempts to have the righteous destroyed through their character mutilation and false accusations. Watch and see them fail again and again, as I raise up My people in the resurrection power again and restore to them that which the wicked thought to have as their own.

Know for a surety that even though the bitter betrayal of Judas was thought by the religious hypocrites to be their victory over My Son Jesus, they did not count on the fact that I resurrected Him from the place of death. Then I crowned Him King of kings and Lord of lords, and He was given the name that is above every name.

The legacy of Jesus lives on, and there have been and still are multitudes who are converted and taken out of the habitation of the damned into the company of the redeemed as they repent and live for Jesus. As they follow in His steps, they will bear witness and see others brought into the restoration revolution whereby people are restored to right standing with Me. Of course, the enemies will attempt to repeatedly bring the true ones down by bitter betrayal, as the enemies are driven by demons.

So, as the warfare grows more intense for the souls perishing, so will My people grow more strong in their commitment, their faithfulness, and their hope in Me. The bitter betrayers will sink into the slime of their choices.