Unbelief Causes Grief

I speak unto you this day and I say: Be aware that unbelief is evil in My sight, and those who give in to the same will find themselves distressed and grieved by their own choices to be in unbelief. I do not find pleasure in those who take refuge in unbelief because they may suffer rejection or persecution for their conversion to My Son Jesus.

Basically, what such ones are doing is choosing in opposition to Me, and by the same they are separating themselves from My covering and protection over them. I absolutely do not want My people to be in such a situation and distressed by the same. Rather, I want My people to understand how important it is to keep their faith, their trust, and their confidence in Me as the One who cares for their souls.

There are in these times multitudes who are living in separation from Me because they have refused to stand for the truth due to the pressures put against them by various sources. Those who turn back to unbelief and have known the mercies of forgiveness over their lives are basically turning to death and abandoning life.

If you consider how stupid and shortsighted such ones are, they are truly trying to keep their lives rather than abandoning their lives to Me as the One who cares for their souls. I do not under any circumstances want you to be in such a place, for the same is nothing more than the place of emptiness and futility of soul. To go there is to go into a deep ditch and be unable to get out. I do not want anyone to turn back from the salvation mercies that My Son died to give to them.

Be thankful unto Me that you do not need to turn back. Rather, you can by faith go forward and know that as you keep your vision single and obey the commands of the Holy Spirit, you are guided forth by a plain path. Do not hesitate to look to Me at all times and know that I am able. It is a good thing to believe upon Me, to partake of Me, and to be shown My mercies again and again.

If you consider the suffering that My Son Jesus went through in order to open the door to salvation, it is indeed a blessed thing to continue to believe and receive over and over the mercies that He alone has purchased for all. Those who turn back because they will not stand true during persecution are literally not worthy of Him.

When you see the ones who are locked into an evil heart of unbelief, know that they are inviting grief to their lives in many areas. While it may appear to them that they are doing “the right thing,” they are not. They are instead choosing the way that will haunt them the rest of their lives, and if they do not humble themselves, they will end in hell forever because they chose the same.

Stop and consider the agonies of the damned that come to them because they have made choices against Me and have gone after that which is “the wrong thing.” Do not seek to keep your lives, but rather continue to abandon your lives to Me and know that I give to you exactly what you need in every circumstance and situation.

Do not take on the aura of unbelief, but rather keep confessing that I am the One who is well able, and that through Me you are being purposed, protected, and provided for. It is a good thing to rebuke and refute unbelief and not let the same linger in your minds, nor come through your lips.

Realize that you have the power to refuse those spirits that want to see you dead and driven down. Over and over, the enemies will try to destroy you. However, you do not need to be under them. Rather, you can continue to stay under the covering that is life and keep on in the straight and narrow way.

It is not meant for those who have tasted of the goodness of salvation to turn to unbelief that leads to the ugliness of damnation. Rather, it is intended that those who have come to Jesus and gained salvation would cherish the same as the most valuable asset they will ever have on this sin-cursed earth. More than any other thing, keep on trusting and knowing that I want you to come forth in the truth and be the children of the light as you are called to be.

Of course, in these times of obscenity, perversity and insanity, it is easy to fall prey to unbelief if you focus on those things. However, your focus is not meant to be on the situations or circumstances of the madness that the world is covered by. With insane and power-hungry leaders proving how crazy they really are by their decisions and lack of respect of Me, it is not any new thing to see that such ones are absolute fools.

Be thankful this day for the blessedness that I provide for you each and every day, for as you are partaking of the blessedness that I give, so are you shown repeatedly that I am able to supply. More and more, as these terrorizing times progress, you will be made more and more glad that you can keep on trusting, believing, and hoping in Me.

Because doubt and unbelief are partners in crime, know that they are devouring and destroying as many as they possibly can. Thank Me that you are not called to be devoured and destroyed. Rather, you are called to continue, to believe, to receive, and to declare who I am.

The world is heading to more and more destruction, and war is the way that brings on violence, loss of lives and property. More tragic is that most of those who die in the process are in unbelief and end in hell because of their choices.