Let Love Abound in This World of Hate

I speak unto you this day and I say that you are living in times when hate is raging all around the world. Wars that are useless are in progress. People are dying because of hatred, animosity and discord. I do not want My people to be engaged in the bitter hatreds that are causing all manner of cruelty and bloodshed. Rather, they are to be the representation of My love and show the same one to another.

Be glad even today that you are not a part of the absolute wickedness that is found ever present. I have given to you through My Son Jesus the love that is divine and is far beyond the powers of hatred that are swarming the multitudes and overtaking their minds, actions and re-actions. As you are aware of the great love that has been given to you when you did not deserve the same, be rejoicing and renewed in your minds because I am indeed the One who cares for you at all times.

Never have I abandoned you to the stupidity of the world, and I do not want you to be in such a place even now. Inasmuch as I have called you to be Mine, keep ever in the attitude of gratitude. When you are willing to partake of the way that I provide, then you see that My way is the high way and not the vile way that is dominating multitudes. I have called My people to be found ever abiding in Me as their source, for as they do, they will see that I do not withhold any good thing from them.

Consider that those who have allowed themselves to be overshadowed by the demon powers of hatred will find no joy to be in their lives. Instead, they will wake up spewing forth words of hatred and go to sleep declaring the same. This is because they are bitterly opposed to Me and the mercies that I will give to any and all who are keeping their focus clear, that is, upon Me as the source they look to and believe.

There are multitudes who are living in the world of hate, and those numbers are increasing daily. Very few are promoting the love that is provided through Jesus My Son and is given freely to any who repents and desires to be restored to My divine love family. However, I want those who are in My divine love family to be kindly treating each other, then to be promoting unity so that they can be kept in peace with Me, the One who is ever present to give to them exactly what they have need of every single day.

Therefore, when you hear the accusations, the jealousy, the bitterness being poured out by demonic forces, do not accept such spirits, for they are only concerned with taking as captives those who listen to them. Once people have been captivated by the forces that want to kill, steal and destroy, then life does not turn out to be anything but increasingly more wretched.

Those who are under the auspices of such demon powers as are running rampant are not found able to receive My divine love. This is for the most part because they have the blood of many on their hands, and inwardly they live under the condemnation of bloodshed.

It was not My intention in the beginning that My people would be in continual disputations and even wars with each other. However, when the original sin was committed against Me, it was then that such hatred entered in through the serpent and his gross means of deception and perversion of the truth. Because Adam and Eve succumbed to his tempting words, they choose darkness and lies over light and truth.

Consequently, many are steeped in darkness and unable to free themselves from the bondage that holds them in the wretchedness and captivity they know as their world. They go to sleep raging and wake up hating, and there is nothing else that they look to, because they have refused Me. If you consider that such lives are void on My intentions and My desires, be thankful that you are not in slavery to the ugliness of the world of hate.

Never have I ever intended for you to be in pursuit of those things that are considered wicked, evil and deadly. I have called you and intended for you to be in pursuit of pleasing Me and proving to be welcome members of My divine love family and thankful for the same.

Therefore, do not get your eyes on the world and partake of the daily chronicles of violence, hatred, useless killings and wicked wars. Therefore, be thankful that you can keep your focus upon Me as the One you serve with gladness and rejoicing. I find pleasure in those who are keeping their vows and their commitments to Me and are by the same believing in Me each day.

The more that the world is covered in darkness and death, let the light, the love, and the life that I provide to you be showing forth. Do not be as the selfish who want to hide the beautiful life that I give and keep the same only for themselves.

Know of a surety that that which is given to My people is not earned by their good works or their pride. What is given by Me is freely given to them. So do I desire that My people would give freely of the goodness that is found in partaking of the divine love family they have been given entry into.

This is so that others can know what it is to be adopted and provided for each and every day as they are partakers of the infinite mercies that are receivable through believing and repenting to Jesus Christ, the Redeemer. Do your best to maintain loving relationships with one another and to love those whom I would send to taste and see that My way is love.