Don’t Wonder Why, Cry Out to Me

I speak unto you this day and I say: Don’t spend your time questioning what is happening in the world in these days. Rather simply cry out to Me, as you will find that I give you insight that is above the wisdom of the world.

It is intended that My people would be ever present and looking to Me at all times as the One who will give to them the answers they have need of. I have not intended for My people to be disturbed, nor perturbed by the fears and terrors that are sweeping across the earth in giant waves of sensory bombardments.

It is My intention for those who are Mine, and even the ones who are not, that they would not continue in anguish or disturbance of mind and body. Rather, I have intended for them to cry out to Me and come into the understanding that I will give to all who look to Me and believe Me, for I am indeed well able, and I will give the comfort and the peace that only I can bring to those who will cry out to Me.

Sad to say, you are living in times when vast multitudes are being swept up into states of hysteria and bitter hatred for others. Because of the workings of evil people who are involved in political maneuvering, multitudes are left in a place of emptiness and hopeless despair. Such ones are easily led into all manner of reactions, and those reactions are harmful to themselves and to others.

Be aware that I am not calling people to such a state of being. They are being taken there by disruptive demonic forces that want only to destroy. Be thankful this day that you are not called to such a condition. You are called to be kept in the shadow of My wings and to be comforted through and by the Holy Spirit, who is My ambassador to all who are needy of Me.

It is Me the Living God who hears the cries of all of those who are needy and are crying out to Me in anguish for help. I do not leave the helpless to flounder in the meaninglessness of the world’s ways. It is My joy to reach out to such ones and to draw them to My Son Jesus, whereby they can gain forgiveness through Him and be taken under the umbrella of My covering.

When I call souls unto Myself, it is that they would respond and come to Me through Jesus, as He and I are One. Likewise, when they have departed from the demonic clutches that have held them in captivity, then they are uplifted and guided forth by a plain path and given My light to be guided by. As My people learn obedience through the ministry of the Holy Spirit and are willing to do the commands and dictates that My Spirit speaks to them, they grow.

To be true and united believers as the disciples you are meant to be, you will experience many things that will guide you forth in the way that I intend, the straight and narrow way that leads to eternal life and peace on this earth. Be glad that through Me you have been given the opportunity to believe and receive the truth and not be locked in the place of doubtful disputations and double mindedness towards Me.

Be serving Me each day in steadfast trust and confidence that I have all the answers you need and that you do not have to be questioning Me as to why, why, why. The more that you humble yourselves before Me and cry out to Me, the more you will receive the comfort that is given through the Holy Spirit, and the more you are likewise uplifted and shown My wisdom, knowledge and understanding.

There are multitudes who have chosen to adulterate themselves and go after the world and the confusion that is ever present in these times. As they are doing so, they know the troubles that beset them, and such are ever present to cause them fear, terror, havoc and hatred.

I do not call My true ones to be in the clutches of demons and the torments that they bring. I call My true ones to be kept in the infinite mercies that I alone provide, and to know the joys of serving Me, day by day. Therefore, be glad that you do not need to be ashamed of Me. Rather, you can adhere to Me as the One who gives to you abundance of life and the goodness of who I am.

Therefore keep steadily following and trusting in Me, My Son, and My Spirit, for as you do, you will find that hope is alive in you and that you do not fall under the present darkness of the demonic covering that is over the land. Instead, you will be uplifted and given My true and lasting mercies.

There is no reason to exist in continual miseries as the multitudes do. Even the ones who appear to “have it all together” live in torments in their minds and do not have My peace. In these present times, the miseries that people are under are increasing daily because of the demons that have been unleashed upon the multitudes because My people have not remained true.

The onslaught of insanity is ever raging and bringing multitudes into subjectivity to the darkness that is found under the coverings of power hungry, demonically driven national and world leaders. I do not want you to be under their auspices and coverings; I want you to be under Me, for I am the One who gives peace.

Keep on witnessing for Me, for as you do, you will come into the peace that I intend for you to be enriched by and brought forth being made glad that it is Me that you serve, not dumb idols. Those who turn to idols in their hearts are opening the door to every sort of evil and will find themselves under the demented control that comes through demons.

Do not allow yourselves to delve into the place of unbelief; rather keep the doors of your mind and heart shut against such darkness.