Religionists of All Labels Are Fakes

I speak unto you this day and I say: Do not buy into the religiosity of those who are religionists and imagine that the same is a true representation of what I desire from people. Realize that before Me, religions of all labels are fake, because I have never established nor intended religion. I created humans to be in relationship with Me. Therefore, be thankful that you can be in relationship and know Me for who I am.

As I have concern for people, inasmuch as I created them, I desire for those who will take the opportunity, to believe upon My Son Jesus Christ as My only begotten Son. Those who choose to believe upon Jesus are guided, if they will desire to deepen their relationship with Me, by My Holy Spirit. As they are following the commands and directives of My Spirit, they are guided forth in His steps and shaped in His image and likeness.

There are throughout the earth many useless religions that do not give to any who believes in them the opportunity to be redeemed, saved from the penalty of their sins. No matter how closely they may adhere to the religious traditions and rituals, they absolutely are not saved.

When the adherents to these various religions die, they do not come into salvation. Rather, they face damnation for their sins. While some may be termed to be “good people,” if they did not come to Jesus, they are not good in My sight. Inasmuch as I have given Jesus to be the Savior who is available to all humanity, be glad that through Him you are guided in the truth and given the hope of who He is.

More often than not, people are in total estrangement from Me because they would rather adhere to religious ritual and traditions. They choose such because they imagine that by their religion they are in safety. However, by the same they are literally in rebellion against Me because they are choosing the folly of their own way.

Many of the larger religions are literally power and money hungry. They do not worship Me, nor do they obey Me in any way, even though they may address Me as Lord. Because they are in the clutches of demons, they only look for how they can gain more and more power and riches for their particular religious system.

I did not create people to be in control, and when they look to be over Me rather than submitted to Me, they become My enemies and not My friends. The ones who are My true friends are the ones who will humble themselves to Me and ask Me to guide them by and through My Holy Spirit that they can be partakers of the abundant life that I give to them each day.

Be glad that you are not guided into a ditch, but rather you are being guided forth by a plain path and shown the mercies that I give to those who are following in the steps of My Son. The more that you keep in alliance with Me, the more you will experience the joy of My presence in your lives.

This is because you will not be bound in the straitjacket of religious ritual, nor the struggle for more power and riches by those in charge of such religions. Nor will you turn into a self-righteous fool, for you will see that My Spirit will show you the things that are not pleasing to Me and cause you to repent.

It is intended by Me that My people would be in repentance revolution, in the sense that they see clearly that they are not intended to be bound, nor found under the dictates of unclean persons. Rather, they are meant to be My Spirit people and allow the Spirit to lead and guide them into all truth.

If you stop and consider that Jesus was, is, and always will be the Word that is all truth, be thankful to be conformed to Him. Those who are conformed to religionists and all of their imaginations are being conformed to lies and fakery, because they are following folly rather than sound and godly wisdom.

All of the world’s wise men are fools before Me because what they assume many times to be great and glorious wisdom is nothing more than the input of demons that will end them in hell. Inasmuch as they may be well respected in and by the world, remember that the world belongs to the devil, and therefore the same is evil. Therefore, do not look to be respected by the world, nor well-spoken of by them.

I do not want you to be considering that you are some great thing; I want you to know that it is Me you are meant to please. Do not be as the foolish who prefer to lock themselves in their religious cells and refuse to have relationship with Me. Such ones are absolute fools and will never achieve what I want for their lives.

Those who are insistent on religious rituals and traditions are basically isolating themselves from Me and imagining they are something they are not. Know that I did not create people to be isolated and separated from Me; I called them to be in communion and union with Me as their Creator and the One who can and will provide for them all that they need in every situation and circumstance.

Be thankful this day that you can and will be brought forth daily and shown My light on the path that is the way that I have given. You are not to go in the way of the fakes no matter what label they may bear. Rather keep steadily in the way that is shown by the Holy Spirit, and give thanks to Me that you are in relationship with Me. Consider how blessed you are to be considered as My true sons and daughters!