Tendency for Dependency

I speak unto you this day and I say: I want your dependency to be upon Me, for it is Me the Living God you are meant to look to and believe in each day. There are many in these times who have the tendency for dependency, but it is not Me that they look to. They attempt to satisfy their tendency for dependency by any number of sinful habits.

Be aware that the world of sin is always present and ends in death to all who fall into sin and remain in the waters of the same. If a person was in a very cold area walking on an icy surface and the ice broke through and they ended up in the ice-cold waters, if they did not get help, they would freeze in the same.

So it is with multitudes. They walk on thin ice, and then, when the ice breaks, they end up in the ice-cold waters of death. There they remain if there is none to help them up out of such a place. There they will die because they are freezing in the icy waters of death. So it is with sin. People fall into the icy waters of sin, and without the ability to get out, they freeze to death.

I do not want My people to let themselves fulfill their tendency for dependency with the wicked things that are ever present and presenting themselves to any and all who will respond to the call of evil. Rather, those who are Mine are meant to be dependent on Me and see that I am well able to fulfill them in all of their desires.

Be thankful even this day that it is Me the Living God who has given to you the ability to resist the temptation to sin if you look to Me as your source. There are many who have given themselves to the waters of death, only to find they were frozen in the same and unable to escape the same. Such ones are in hell, and they cannot escape. While they were dying, they did not repent. They only wanted to be warm. Now they are found burning in hell forever and unable to free themselves.

More and more, people are taking the fools’ way and walking in areas where they could easily fall into temptation, and there they will remain, and of course, be unable to free themselves. When you truly consider all that is happening in these times, the world is full of treachery and darkness.

I do not want you to be engulfed in that darkness. Rather, I want you to come forth in the plain path that I provide to you each and every day, as you have been given the Holy Spirit to daily guide you in the same. Therefore, be glad that you are guided not by demon spirits but by the Holy Spirit.

When you hear the ones who have given themselves over to the idolatry of themselves, know that they are fools before Me, and I find no joy in them. They have moved their dependency upon themselves and think that they can manage on their own. These ones think themselves to be, in a proud estimation, well able to tackle any situation or task and come out the winner.

However, their pride causes them to lose perspective, and they end up oftentimes helpless, because while they assumed themselves to be in control, they were actually controlled by demonic forces that tricked them. By those same forces, they did not achieve their goals, and they were defeated by the pride that blinded them. Some people actually are so proud that they will commit suicide rather than cry out to Me for help. In such behaviors, they will find themselves in hell because of pride.

Know that as My people, I do not turn away from you when you are aware of your need for Me and not afraid to confess the same. It is actually a joy to Me when the ones who are Mine will keep their dependency on Me and not be tricked by the demonic forces that want to deceive and destroy.

Those who have the tendency for dependency should realize how important it is that they give themselves to Me and not to those who are demonically inspired and motivated. Do not by any means give in to the emptiness of sin, for the same is the death trap that has taken and still does take multitudes to hell, where they are enslaved and entrenched.

Those who do not use the Holy Spirit direction that is given to them to guide them forth will end in the deep ditches, icy waters, and the sins found in the sea of iniquity. They are not washed by the crystal-clear waters of life that I provide in My river. Rather, they are covered in the filth and freezing of doing things their way rather than paying heed to warnings given to them by My Holy Spirit.

Be glad that you do not need to fall down into the deep ditch, the icy waters, or the sea of iniquity. Rather, you can come forth totally cleansed and made whole because it is Me that you are serving with gladness and rejoicing. I absolutely do not want you to be in sadness and sorrow; I want you to be uplifted and made glad that I am the One who intends for you to be kept in the direction that is eternal life and leads to heaven.

The reality is that all who will be with Me in the heavenly dimensions wherein I abide are absolutely not intended to be partaking of demons and death. Those who will truly desire to be with Me do not need the perversity, the obscenity, the insanity that is so readily available.

It is imperative that you see the world at this time as the place that it is, and are not duped nor made dull and dumb by the ugliness of sin’s slavery and how confusing the world has become because of wicked leaders. Those who plot evil will die by evil. Those who are dependent on Me will live forever.