Miracles of Mercy

I speak unto you this day and I say that as you keep your hearts right with Me, so shall you see that I am the Living God and that there is none who is like Me. It is Me the Living God who is far above the kingdoms of men and all of their continual troubles, disputations, violence, and wars unending.

Therefore, do not look to men and what they can do; rather look to Me as the One True God who is well able and far above every other power that is. I want you to know that I am indeed the One who can and will do miracles of mercy for the ones who keep their eyes stayed upon My purposes and are not intimidated by the circumstances and situations at hand.

Far too many of those who claim they believe in Me are being swayed and engulfed in fear mounting up to terror because of the troubles that are ever happening daily in the world. The threats of the wicked are being sent like mind bombings against any and all who will keep their eyes on the world and what is happening in the same.

I do not want to see My true ones turned to terror because they get their eyes and ears open to the world. Know of a surety that it is Me you are meant to look to, and not any other, for I am the One who gives to you exactly what you need in every circumstance and situation. I do not give you fear or terror of what men are doing and what they are planning. I give you the substance that you need to be kept despite what is happening in the world at this time.

It is not intended that My people allow themselves to be enticed, seduced, and likewise succumb to the news of the world’s troubles which is constantly projected from all sides as being true reports. However, the only true reports are what I tell you through My Holy Spirit, for the same keeps you in the place of reliance upon Me and not the circumstances that will pass away.

Be aware that because of the threats of the terrorists, many are arming themselves to the hilt, buying all kinds of alternative devices that are to keep them in operation during the “government-engineered shutdown.” Yet, as these things have come and gone, the earth is still standing, and humans have not yet totally destroyed themselves.

Therefore, do not take up the flag of fear and wave the same in surrender to the mental bombardments that are being launched daily. Instead, seek your direction, your counsel, and your commands from Me through My Holy Spirit, then be quick to obey the same and do not waver in who you trust. I do not want you to be as the unstable souls who are ever hounding and questioning Me, as though I don’t fully realize what is going on throughout the earth.

Repeatedly, people have throughout the history of humankind imagined that the “end of the world” was at hand. However, the world has not ended, and the disputations, violent uprisings, and wars have continued to rage. Political maneuvering has not ceased, and the economic advantages of war have continued to cause multitudes to be swept up in delusional causes that get nowhere except to increase the profits of the politicians.

I do not want you to take everything at face value, for the same changes rapidly in these troublesome times. Rather seek your counsel of Me through My Spirit, and let the Spirit show you in discernment what is true and what is false. Over and over, people are believing in lies and wondering what will happen next, and being afraid night and day.

It is not My intention that you would be involved in such uncertainty, profanity and insanity. My intention for those who will remain true to Me is that they be led forth by the path upon which My light is shining, and not be tripped up by demons who want to ensnare them. The more that My people make up their minds to believe Me rather than anything reported by the world, the more they will personally behold My miracles of mercy.

The news report that truly matters and should be listened to is the Good News that Jesus saves, and that, as people will see their own sinful state and repent to Him, so shall they be saved from the penalty of their own sins. It is not whether the whole world is engaged in war, or so the news reports say. What matters is that each one who hears the Good News turns to Jesus.

Consider that when it is My timing for this present world to be destroyed, it is Me who will do it. Therefore, do not be lending your ears to the perpetual and continual rantings that are coming forth through people who are controlled by Media and her minions. Never have I intended for My people to succumb to the demon powers rather than submit to the Holy Spirit power.

Be serving each day in the attitude gratitude that you are in the company of the redeemed because you have repented and joined the Jesus revolution, which is the only war worth entering into—the war for souls. There will always be wars, because people are too proud to humble themselves.

Likewise, they are swollen on such pride and live in delusional imaginations that they remain forever. They do not remain; rather, they are easily devoured, destroyed, and end up damned. This is because they themselves are listening to the demons that use them to destroy others, then destroy them.

Evildoers do not get by on Me, nor do I reward them with anything other than hell! When you see the wicked against the wicked, know that in the end, without repentance they will know hell on earth, and in the hereafter they will be in the prison houses of damnation. Keep in soul safety in Me!