Follow Me Closely

I speak unto you this day and I say: If you truly desire to be My disciples, then you must follow Me closely at all times. There are some who start out with all good intentions of following Me, yet when times and troubles arise, they turn back and follow Me no more. While they may assume that they get by with such behaviors, they do not, for I hold them accountable and responsible for the vows and commitments they did not keep.

It has never been intended that those who have vowed to serve Me always would prove to be double-minded, and yet they are. This is because they are attempting to keep their lives rather than abandon their lives fully unto Me. It is stupid for those who have been raised from being dead in trespasses and sins to return to the dead. In such behaviors, they are following demons and making a mockery of My resurrection power and glory.

It is intended that those who commit to My Son Jesus would continue in the way that is provided and let the power that raised Christ from the dead shine through them that they be lights and shine forth in a sin-sick world. Be glad even this day that you have been given the opportunity to be raised from the dead by the resurrection power and come forth each day rejoicing in Me! Do not, absolutely do not return to the stench and corruption of the former lifestyles, for the end of the same is destruction, death and damnation.

Be thankful that you can learn to walk by My principles and not the dictates of demon powers, whose only desire is to kill, steal and destroy. As My people, keep following closely. Do not give in to the old nature coupled with the demonic powers that are enchanting, enticing and engulfing the multitudes in the lies that prove to be the sin pit which ends them in hopeless despair.

I do not want anyone who has been given salvation mercies to return to the place of inevitable damnation by returning to wallow in the mire and the madness of their own determinations. It is indeed a tragedy when you see how many people in these times have yielded themselves to hopeless despair and their lives are empty, void of meaning, because they made the choices to listen to demon powers rather than My Holy Spirit power.

By such wrong choices, they entered into the realms of profanity and insanity. They do things that they later regret if they even live long enough to be brought to remembrance of their actions. If they die prematurely and end in hell, there they still do not escape their accountability which they failed to pay heed unto.

It is imperative that you continue to pay heed to My Spirit that you be kept from the destroying, devouring, deadly and damnation-causing demons that roam as hungry lions, seeking to grab victims and see them ensnared forever. Use as your weaponry the Lion out of the tribe of Judah, who reigns supreme and will keep you as you use the power that is in His name. As My disciples, follow closely the instructions, the commands, and the dictates of My Holy Spirit, and know of a surety that you have within you the invincible powers that I alone can provide.

When you are born again, you are given the incorruptible seed of Jesus Christ, My Son. Know that He has conquered through His obedience all of the powers of darkness, and the demons know that He has. Likewise, the devil is now a toothless lion and cannot destroy anyone who uses the blood of Jesus and the name of Jesus Christ against Him.

Therefore, do not neglect to use the inheritance you have been given. Stay in active, aggressive alert, and do not fall down and succumb to the iniquity and the darkness that want to devastate you and bring you to complete and total ruination.

The reality is that I do not call you to ruination, nor to devastation; I call you to complete the salvation journey that is the most exciting adventure you ever encountered. If you obey the commands of My Spirit, you will see that I do not leave you in a heap of hopeless despair, nor do I leave you to be helpless. It is Me the Living God who remains ever available to you as you are adhering to Me as the One you can serve and obey at all times. Then you are following in the steps of Jesus and by the same you are being transformed.

You are not called to be involved in the bitter hatreds and jealousies that are worldwide at this time and causing wars on all fronts. Rather, you are to claim the peace that passes human understand but is given to My true disciples who are united believers in Me. Take the aggressive action against all demonic spirits that seek to attack you and bring you into captivity to lies. Use the truth and do not back down when the demons attempt to trouble, threaten, and terrorize you.

It is not your lot to live in the fear that has captivated vast multitudes in these times. It is your lot to live in the faith in Me that will cause you to be encouraged, emboldened, and engaged in the spiritual battle for your own souls and the souls of others. Let your legacy be that you remained in faith rather than collapsing to the evil fears that are present in these times.

Be serving each day, following closely and remaining in the attitude of gratitude that you have been redeemed, resurrected from the place of sin and death. Know that as you follow the directives, dictates and commands of My Holy Spirit, you will be enabled to show forth the light that is intended to shine through My disciples to a sin-sick, darkened and dying world. You are called to live in the abundance of goodness that I give to My true ones.