Do Not Fear People and Their Plans

I speak unto you this day and I tell you of a surety that you are not meant to live in the fear of people and their plans, as you have eyes to see and ears to hear. The fear of people and their plans is stalking the earth’s human inhabitants at this time and taking multitudes into the grips of the same. However, I do not call you to live in the fear of people; I call you to live in the fear of Me, for I alone am the One True God, and I keep My people as they are looking to Me as their strong tower of refuge.

Be glad each day that you can serve Me with the assurance that I will keep you and guide you forth by a plain path and direct your steps in all that I intend each day. You are not left to wander in fear and end in the heaps of those who are without hope and live continually under the dark clouds of fear of people and their plans.

If you stop and consider how many there are in these times who are absolutely crippled by fear, be thankful that the same does not control you. Rather, you can be uplifted and brought forth in the mercies that I have intended for those who are Mine, that they can and will be kept and purposed in the ways that I intend and provide.

There are multitudes who are ever living in constant fear because they have listened to the lying spirits, the demons that want them to collapse to fear of every kind. The most common fear that is dominating the minds and hearts of the multitudes at this time is the fear of World War III.

However, it is not unusual for men and women to cleverly plan and politically maneuver such troubles in order to manipulate the multitudes into constant fear. When this happens, the “big bosses” who have politically manipulated the multitudes move into high gear and lead them from fear to terror.

As people are living in the state of terror, they have no interest in anything, because it is the stress of terror that is constantly gnawing at them and taking control of their senses. I absolutely do not call My people to be the victims of such wicked and evil manipulators. Rather, they are meant to be controlled by My Spirit and live in My peace that I give to those who trust in Me.

Do not at any time allow your hearts and minds to come under the absolute manipulation that is so present among the ones who are open prey to demon forces. Remember, you are Mine and I am the One who will keep you as you are keeping steady in Me. Remember, I am the Eternal God who reigns supreme, and there is none who is like unto Me, nor is there any people whose plans surpass My intentions.

While people may imagine that they have the handle and are able to control with all of their superior plans, schemes and agendas, know they are fools. While they are wise in their own conceited and supercilious assumptions as to how great their demonically devised determinations are, they are failing to fear Me and realize that I reign supreme far above all.

Be alerted this day to the ugly schemes and dreams that those who are politically maneuvering have in store. Do not fall prey to their demonic devices and plans, for it is not intended for you to be subject to all of their idiocies. Literally, many of these ones are insane and operating completely under the devil and his demons. Of course, Media and her minions are ever present to put the pressure on all who will pay heed to the insanity and madness that is raging as violence and wars become a worldwide epidemic.

Know that I have not called you to be participating in any such disruptions by allowing demons to take you into the captivity of mind manipulation. No, I have called you to be alert to the fact that you belong to Me and that it is Me you are to look to. As you are in obedience to the commands of My Spirit, so are you able to live above the fear of people and their plans, and to come forth knowing that I am with you always.

Do not abandon yourselves to the “fear of the end of the world” as so many have done. I do not intend that place for you; I intend you to walk in the perfect peace that I have for all who will be abandoned to Me. When you have surrendered your lives totally unto Me, then the plans, schemes, imaginations and delusions of power-crazed politicians and world leaders will not possess you. Rather, you will know of a surety that it is Me who is meant to possess you at all times, and that you will be kept in the perfect peace that I alone delight to give to those who adhere to Me.

Be serving each day in the attitude of gratitude that you are redeemed from the fear of death that motivates the multitudes, because you are redeemed from the penalty of your sins through Jesus Christ, My Son. Inasmuch as you are saved from the destiny of hell, be at peace, knowing that whether you live on this sin-cursed earth or die, you are not intended for hell.

As you come into My presence, you are given understanding as to how the maniacs are maneuvering the multitudes in an attempt to control. Be thankful that you are not controlled by the ones who are possessed of madness, and that you can live your lives in gladness that I bear rule over you.

Stop and consider how much mental and physical torment the multitudes are in daily because they are not right with Me. Because they have not given their lives to Me, they are controlled by demons and live under the vexation of demonically controlled people and their plans. Do not hesitate to declare My Son to them that they can come into real peace.