Murder of the Truth Makes Murder Easy

I speak unto you this day and I say: Do not be shocked at the epidemic of murders that you see spread across the globe. When people have grown proud and arrogant and have purposely sought to murder the truth, then know that it is easy then for people to murder one another.

Realize that when men, women and children do not want to hear the truth, nor walk by the truth, by choice they leave the doors open to the murder demons that are causing bloodshed throughout the earth. As people are proud of the carnage of war and daily broadcasting the same, so are multitudes stirred to the place of hatred for no good reason. Then, the demonstrations of violence and murder that are daily present incite the mainstream to increase in the thirst for violence and bloodshed.

Be thankful that as My people, you do not need to be participating in such ugliness and trauma, but you can keep peace with Me and others as much as is possible. Do not by any means allow yourselves to be stirred to the reactions that so many are yielding to and then wondering how they did what they did. The reality is that when people try to get rid of or murder My truth, then the doors are flung open, and demon powers of all kinds come flooding in and take over multitudes who offer no resistance.

If you truly consider the atrocities and horrors that are being exhibited in these times, it is because people do not want to remain in right standing with Me by following the truth that I give to the sons of men. Rather, they will feed off of the very things that will cause them much sorrow and distress of heart and mind.

Be watchful that you do not yield to the darkness that is ever present in any way whatsoever. Rather keep attentive and guard your minds and hearts against the lies that want to overwhelm you and take you down into the traps that demons have set for everyone who will pay heed to them. As you are fully alerted and activated by My Spirit, you can ascend above the carnal realm where demons latch hold of people and keep them in captivity.

It is a good thing to look continually to Me as the One you are to please and keep in obedience unto. Sad to say, so many will feed off of violence and murder to the extent that they take in demons who instigate them to take action in such a way that is not intended. Be aware that you are not involved in the carnage of carnal wars, but you are in a war with demons who want to destroy your relationship with Me and cause you to live in isolation and devastation because you are far from Me.

Do not allow yourselves to become channels for the wicked one and his demon forces, for those who do become terrible and corrupted. When you truly consider what people who have engaged in carnal wars do, be thankful that you can be kept safe in Me and not devastated in conscience because of demonic pressures.

There are great numbers now who are seeking refuge in drugs and alcohol, attempting to alleviate the stress and pressures they imagine themselves to be under. However, much of what they imagine to be real is not real at all. Yet, because of the alteration of their minds by what they are ingesting, they are taken down the road of no return. Those who take up such crutches are sure to find that they stumble and fall by the same and no longer are kept in the blessed communion and spiritual union that I desire with My people.

Some people are in continual frustration because they take in demons, allow themselves to be pressured and vexed by demons, then find that the end of their situations is very pathetic. Why do they surrender to demons rather than surrendering to Me and following My Holy Spirit? It is because they want what the demons have for them. They do not want the truth to remain alive and ever convicting souls to repent.

As you are looking to Me as the One you love, know that I do not want you to be guided in the way that is worldly, and by the same becoming demonized and waiting to be destroyed. It is utterly stupid for My people to entertain demons and listen to the input such wicked murderous spirits want them to feed on.

As My people, be feeding off of what the Holy Spirit indicates, and keep your eyes and your hearts ever in the place where you are looking to Me and keeping steady in what I intend and provide for you. Now more than ever, it is very important that My people stay in cooperation with My Spirit so that they are not taken into the traps ever waiting for them.

Inasmuch as My people are meant to be the light and the salt, be glad that as you remain in obedience, you are not meant to go down under pressure and succumb to the wicked forces. These forces want you to consider the way of darkness and death and be found in such confusion as the enemies want you under. Those who are under the covering of confusion will be in such shape as to be devoured and destroyed by the very iniquity and evil that is the game that multitudes love to play.

When you are cherished by Me, then I do not allow your hands to itch with the desire to render vengeance that is Mine. Do the things that are the commands that My Holy Spirit speaks. The more that you are purposed to obey Me, the more that you will understand that you are not meant to murder the truth. Rather, you are to cherish and obey the truth which sets you free.