No Fear of God Results in Gross Evil

I speak unto you this day and I say: Look around and tell Me what you see in these reprobate and evil times. What is here is the result of the lack of the fear of Me. When people grow wise in their own conceit, proud, haughty, high-minded and stiff-necked towards Me, then gross evil sets in and brings forth destruction, death and damnation.

When you look at the ruination of integrity, the dishonesty, the promiscuity that has come about because people have been manipulated by evil forces, be aware that I do not intend such a state of affairs. However, people have literally yielded themselves to demons, and the consequences are dreadful because they are doing things that are totally wicked and without any justification before Me.

Be aware that I the Living God do not want you to be found in such a place. Therefore realize how important it is that you walk in the fear of Me and obey My commands to you each and every day. Never have I intended for people to be ruled by demon spirits, yet they choose the same and go for the same with all of their might. You can see them speeding down the highway to hell as though there is no tomorrow.

Consider that you are indeed privileged to live in the fear of Me each day and to be kept in the soberness that such fear gives you. Those who are drunk on demonic input see themselves as totally invincible, and in their careless and wanton behaviors, they prove to be utter fools.

I absolutely do not desire to see people as fools, for they will perish in their folly. My desire is for people to be made wise by receiving godly instruction and wisdom and being enlightened by the same. Be thankful unto Me this day that as you are adhering to Me, you are shown the way that is eternal life and directed by My Spirit in the straight and narrow way.

It is utter stupidity to flirt continually with the world and the darkness that is found in the world. People who are going in the broad way are dull, dumb, and very stupid in My sight. However, in their own proud imaginations they see themselves as superior in intelligence and everyone else as dumb and not near so capable as they are.

Do not let the fools who are bragging on themselves at all times convince you that they are something. Literally, they are nothing, and they are headed to hell and damnation by their wanton and foolish behaviors.

Be thankful unto Me that you do not need to be sucked in by the demons that want only to devour and destroy souls. Rather, you can discern through the anointing of My Holy Spirit the blatant evil that is attempting to devour and destroy you, and resist the same with steadfast determination to stay true to Me as your Maker and your Keeper.

Know that it is indeed a good thing to live your lives for Me and to receive the blessedness that I have in store for the faithful who will regard Me as the God who is worthy of praise and honor. Be thankful that you can humble yourselves unto Me and see that My way is the way that is perfect and beautiful. My Spirit does not lead My people into the ways of sin that are so ugly, painful and deadly.

The world is a trap because the same is ruled by demonic powers, and when the majority of people see the world as having the ultimate power and wisdom, they are literally adhering to death rather than life. Do not look to the world, but rather keep your vision steadily focused on Me and obey with gladness the commands and dictates given by My Spirit to keep you in the high tower of protection that I am able to give to those who run into Me.

Beware the demon powers of pride, for they cause people to be abomination to Me. This is because when people are drunk on pride, they lose all ability to determine what is right and what is wrong. In their own eyes, they can do no wrong, inasmuch as they are intoxicated on their own greatness. Be aware that they are deluded, and in that delusion, they live under the auspices and commands of demons.

Why is it that people are going after all manner of wickedness and forsaking the way of righteousness? It is obviously because they have turned themselves over to be ruled by demonic powers rather than the power of My Spirit. Without the fear of Me, they are obviously capable of every imaginable evil, because they have surrendered to the very forces that want to see them destroyed, dead and damned.

Again, I will reiterate to you how important it is to adhere to Me as the standard and to continue steadfast in the fear of Me. I do not want you to collapse to the tactics of the wicked, but to remain faithful and true to Me, knowing that in Me is eternal life and the protection in this life that you have need of. This is not to say that you will never suffer, but rather that you will know the comfort of the Holy Spirit as you remain in faithfulness to Me as the God you serve.

Those who give in to the multitude of demonic enticements and seductions through their flirtations with the world are unstable souls who are ever wavering and of course wandering far from Me. Know that you are not meant to wander nor to squander the inheritance that is given through Christ Jesus. Be attentive, be alert, and be active for My kingdom and adhere to the principles of life that are given to you each day. Be glad and not sad, because you live in the fear of Me!