Do You Know the Time?

I speak unto you this day and I say: Do you know the time that is My time? Or are you operating on merely carnal time, with no respect for My timings and dictates? I desire that men, women and children would be attentive to Me, for I am the One who gives the time to the ones who are desiring to be in oneness of relationship with Me.

Know of a surety that when I get ready and I give the command, then it is the time to move with My Spirit and not rebel against the same. If you stop and consider how many there are in these times who do not listen for the voice of My Spirit to command them, it is appalling.

This is because people have grown so distanced themselves from Me, and in the same they are hard of heart. Because of their determination to do as they please when they please, they go on with their lives and their plans, and the consequence is emptiness of soul and lack of vision.

There are multitudes who are under the demons that are ruling in these times, and they will readily agree with demon powers, while they refuse to obey the commands of the Holy Spirit. They do this because there is no struggle against the forces of darkness when one is in agreement with them, for each one must choose who and what they want in this life.

As you look at the conditions that people are in because of their choices, it is truly a sad thing to behold, for while they may imagine that they are “fine,” they are not fine at all. Rather, they are full of confusion and delusion because they have chosen to believe in many powers, many gods. Those who once served Me are serving a multitude of idols and not ashamed of the same. In such careless choices, they are proving themselves to be dull and dumb, and unable to cope with what I want for their lives.

I intend that everyone who is born again of incorruptible seed would keep on moving with Me, and that is providing them with the best. However, not everyone who claims to be redeemed by the blood of Jesus My Son will walk in the way that I have chosen for them. Instead, they will go in the way that is desolation and futility of soul. In choosing such a course, they are choosing for their own destruction, death and damnation.

If you look at the absolute desolation that is so common in these times, be aware that I do not choose such for humanity. It is their choices for darkness that end them in the places they are in. The depiction that is being openly displayed from coast to coast across the nation by the homeless and hopeless camped out on city streets in utter despair and depression evidences the desolation of these times.

Likewise, when you see the complete devastation and ruination that are transpiring in regions of this world, such too is the consequence of souls who have lived in sin and refused to repent. When any place is a hotbed for sinful activity, know that I have every right to bring the curses of war upon them.

Those who are wicked from both sides will bring to others the same ruination that they are under. The consequences of such bitter and hateful disputations is of course horrid to behold. I do not want such, but when people persist in their sinful ways and flaunt the same, they are inviting the very destruction that is made evident to the rest of the world.

Be glad even this day that you are not to be involved in such wickedness and debauchery. It is Me the Living God who has given to you the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you forth in the way that is righteous and holy, and when you will take that road, there is nothing that can overwhelm you and cause you to be devastated.

As you are serving in the attitude of gratitude, you will learn to be thankful for My way, as it is life, love and light. Those who are always murmuring and complaining against their circumstances are bringing to themselves multiplied troubles.

How senseless such a world is, for in the same I do not want you to be existing and by the same be overwhelmed and overtaken. I never intended for you to be a part of the desolation and despair that are being so blatantly evidenced in these times.

Those who have advocated through false compassion their concern for the poor and needy do not want their environments degraded at the sight of the pathetic they claimed to love. Instead, they are wanting to rid themselves of those they now see as vermin and filth. How strange that is, when their sins are far greater than the ones who are without the covering of money and riches.

Know of a surety that there is none who gets by on Me, for I see all of humanity, and I know the sins of all peoples in all lands. My eyes actually go throughout the earth, searching for those who want to make a change for the good rather than continue in the wickedness that is so common to people.

Be glad that I saw you in your heart’s cry and I sent My messengers to you to jolt you out of your complacency and into true conviction whereby you saw your sins and your need to be saved. Be glad that you have been redeemed through the blood of Jesus and are being led forth by a plain path in the way that will prove to be of Me.

Each time you ponder the times, consider how important it is that you learn to accept My timings and move in accordance with the same. Do not live in the desolation of imagination that is the lot of those who despise My Spirit. Receive the guidance of life, love and light with joy and gladness.