Bold, Belligerent Braggarts Will Fall

I speak unto you this day and I say: When you hear the bold, belligerent braggarts who are declaring their own invincible greatness, know that it is Me the Living God who can and will bring them down.

I do not want those who are Mine to be subject to such delusions and imaginations as are being projected by power-hungry demonized leaders of nations in these times of war on every hand. Rather, I want My people to know what it is to have My peace and My strength ever upon them because they are trusting in Me as the rock of refuge and the One they can trust as their hiding place in times of trouble.

Be aware that I know the ones who are Mine and the ones who are not. The ones who love Me will allow themselves to be gathered under My wings as a hen gathers her brood. The ones who are loving themselves will resist, and by the same will be subject to demonic battering rather than My protection.

These are indeed times of turmoil and trouble, yet people love it so because they themselves are full of all manner of wickedness and evil intent. They do not want to walk uprightly, and when there is confusion and delusion on every hand, they no longer feel the need to conceal their evil doings.

Keeping this in mind, be aware that while the wicked are “living it up,” they are literally openly displaying how grossly wicked they really are. Therefore, know that I am in control, and you do not need to fear the bold, belligerent braggarts who are deceiving themselves. For while the wicked are so sure of themselves and confident that their agendas cannot fail, know that it is Me the Living God who can and will bring them down, and they shall fail.

Inasmuch as sin entered in through the failures of Adam and Eve in the beginning, so have people proven to be more inclined to commit evil rather than do good. This is because they are under the curse, and there they remain until they repent and come unto Jesus My Son as Savior and Lord.

While the multitudes will follow after demonic invitation and seduction, those who have sincerely committed their lives to Jesus to follow the Lamb wheresoever He leads will know the glorious peace that is found in Him. I have given to Jesus the capacity to provide for the true believers the peace that passes understanding.

Those who are following Him as their Master do not need to take on the fears, the terrors, and the horrors that people are succumbing to in these times. Nor do they need to accept the lies of the liar and look for acceptance by the world. Remember, what Jesus said remains true even now: that men hated Him and spoke all manner of evil against Him.

Those who are true disciples will experience the same hatred and lies. Learn therefore that you do not need to be offended when these things will likewise befall you, for you are not meant to be subject to the powers of demons; you are meant to be subject to Me and come forth in My way, rejoicing and giving thanks that you are identified with Jesus.

Do not grow weary as some have done and are doing because they have gotten their eyes off of Me and onto the troubles and sorrows at hand. I do not want your vision to be blurred because the multitudes have chosen death rather than life. Keep clear in your vision and your choices for My kingdom and not the kingdoms of this earth that will and have already passed away.

Reality is that there are many tribes, kingdoms, and nations that I have destroyed for their evil doings, and such are remembered no more. Although many of such powers thought they were invincible and could never be brought down, they are no more! Instead, they failed, and I brought them to naught because of their sinfulness before Me.

With this in view, do not believe the bold, belligerent braggarts who are so sure of their earthly powers and want the whole world to tremble in fear of them. For while they imagine that they are everlasting, it is not true! It is Me the Living God who sees how proud men have become when they grow drunk on pride and power. Therefore I sober them, then cause them to see the folly of their pride and take their powers away. If they do not cry out to Me in the process, then they are cast into hell, and they are nothing but a fading memory that the generations to come will care nothing about.

Be aware that I have never intended the stupidity that is rampant in these times to be. People have chosen the same because they love to violate Me and take up idols. Those who choose idols are dull, dumb and stupid. While they imagine themselves to be so superior and intelligent, they will make the same mistakes over and over, then claim that they have done nothing wrong.

Inasmuch as they must always be right, they choose to blame others over and over as the fools who have caused their troubles. However, the truth is that they are the fools, for they will not humble themselves and come down off of their platforms of pride when they are given the opportunity to do so. Therefore they are counted as nothing before Me, and they and their “powerful, invincible intentions and inventions” perish in the darkness they love so much.

Those who keep Me as their first and foremost love and the One they serve with faithfulness will not undergo the agonies of the damned in this life and the life hereafter. Instead, they will be at peace when the multitudes are at war and far from Me. They will have mercy from Me, not misery!