Leave Them to Their Fate

I speak unto you this day and I say that I the Living God sent My Son forth bearing witness of My kingdom and calling people to repent. Then He in turn sent forth His disciples, who proclaimed the gospel to whoever would hear the same.

He told them to be dependent upon whoever it was that would accept the Message they came proclaiming. He said that if they did accept, then they would be blessed. And if they rejected the message, they were told to shake off the dust from that place and leave them to their fate, which means essentially that those who refused to repent would face the repercussion of their rejection of the Message of My kingdom.

So it is even now. Those who will hear the Message of My kingdom and receive the same with gladness will be blessed by Me. Likewise, those who reject the Message of repentance and restoration to Me will be judged for their choices against Me. These ones are proving that they are unworthy because they are choosing to follow after darkness rather than light, and they are choosing evil as the course they prefer above righteousness.

The facts are that people who have heard the Message and reject the same are by such choices determining themselves for the agonies of the damned in this life and in the life hereafter. There is not, nor has there ever been anyone who can stand justified before Me and declare that they are to be granted entry into My kingdom while they are continuing in sin. This is because they are loving their sins above Me, and the judgment for sin is of course death.

Therefore, when you see such ones as are trying to justify their sins, realize that they are fools who love the filthiness of the flesh above the holiness of My kingdom. Those who are persistent in their delusions are as damned as those who are fully aware of the consequences of their choices. Know that they loved to be deceived, then pretend to repent, only to be as the pig who returns to wallow in the mire once again.

Yes, I am the merciful God, but My mercies do not remain forever, and the time comes when I am thoroughly disgusted and turn My back on those who will not maintain repentance nor keep their promises to Me. People may imagine that they love Me, but if they love their sins and respect their own lusts above Me, then they are absolutely not worthy of Me, and I will deal with them in My wrath, fury and indignation.

There are many who are in hell who thought they could get by with one more fling, one more binge, one more run into the filthiness of their own carnality. However, they found that they were at last dealt with by Me according to their transgressions.

In this life, such ones as these were stubborn, proud, and unwilling to receive rebuke. In their own minds, they were continually justifying themselves above My desires for them, and by the same they thought I accepted their sins. No, I abhorred their sins, and I grew to abhor them because of their love for sin and the degradation and death of the same.

Do not imagine that those who will choose to blame others for their transgressions are worthy of Me and that I believe them in their lies. I do not believe them! In fact, I despise them, for they have repeatedly made a mockery of My standard by their continual return to sin and violation of the way that I have for My people to walk in.

While they are blaming others and pointing the finger, they fail to see themselves for the absolute liars that they are. They lie to themselves, they lie to others about others who are true believers, and they lie to Me. Because they love lies, I will turn them over to the liar, the devil and his demons, and they will be of a reprobate mind where they can no longer differentiate between the truth and lies.

Such a punishment is dreadful because such ones only become more depressed, distressed, and oppressed as the years go by. While they were once so proud and arrogant about their great abilities, they will find that they are stripped of the false glory they once had, and their fine clothes are replaced with old rags. With the passage of time, they will be the slaves of every vile and wicked force that wants to take them into captivity.

As a whore who commits her acts with everything that comes along, they will end up paying their lovers rather than being paid. Lower and lower they will sink, because when I lift My mercy, then all that awaits them is the sorrows of imprisonment to sin. How dull, stupid and dumb are those who have worshiped idols and lived as though there is no tomorrow.

Many of the hopeless, homeless transgressors who are found strewn on city streets all across the nation are there because they are under their fate for their rejection of Me and the call to repent. Realize that those who are choosing sin are choosing destruction, not only to themselves but also to their loved ones who are influenced by their wickedness.

Such ones as these do not live “happily ever after.” In fact, they live in the reality of one disaster after another. Misery is their lot, because they are the ones who have rejected My mercy. They will have returned unto them multiplied every wicked thing that they said and done towards others, as well as Myself, My Son, the Holy Spirit, and My true people. They will be turned over to their destiny, and for them there will be no return ticket.