Don’t Be Pained, Drained, and Chained

I speak unto you this day and I say: Do not be pained, drained, and chained to the troubles that are in the world at this time. The reality is that the world will always have troubles, sorrows, wars and rumors of wars. Likewise, there will be present the leaders and nations that imagine they will last forever because they are invincible. However, such imaginations are demonic and do not come of Me.

It is Me the Living God who will uplift, direct and guide My people in the way that I have intended, and that way is perfect; it is spotless and undefiled. I do not call you to follow after the ways of the heathen and imagine that you will be uplifted, for you will not. Instead, you will grow hopeless and literally feel crushed and helpless.

My people are not meant to be crushed, helpless and hopeless. They are meant to be uplifted, rejoicing, and giving thanks and praise to Me as the One they trust themselves unto at all times. As you keep your focus clear, you will understand more and more clearly that the world is cursed, and that because of that, there will always be troubles, sorrows, wars and rumors of wars.

Endless discussions and meetings will solve nothing, negotiations will break down, and friends will become enemies. Why? Because in these times, far too many are constant in their pride, arrogance, impudence, and false assumptions about their own abilities, ambitions and agendas. Leaders of nations are seeing themselves as the very greatest, totally invincible.

The facts are that no people or nations are invincible. Nations are nothing more than a drop before Me, and people are nothing if they do not serve Me. Remember it is My Word that stands forever. While the flowers bloom for a season then fade away, and as the grass grows then withers and is blown to the wind, so are people without Me. They have their time, their season, then they are over and done and remembered no more.

Those who have refused Me and despised the truth will end in hell because they loved lies and chose the same. Yet, those who are willing to humble themselves and come into the truth are guided forth by a plain path and taught the higher way that I provide, the straight and narrow way that leads to eternal life in Me.

Be glad even today that you can be kept in the clarity that I give to you each day, and that you do not need to go in the way that is ugly, filled with the vanity, stupidity and insanity that is manifest in these times. Be thankful that I am the One who is your strength, safety and sanity in these crazy and chaotic times. Do not live in the multiplied fears that are besetting the evildoers. Rather live rejoicing that you are in the company of the redeemed and not the damned.

Do not look at the treachery of the evil and think that there is no hope. Remember, I AM the hope of My people, and they do not need to be ashamed, for I am with them forever as they maintain their righteousness before Me.

While the echo of war, war and more war is being sounded throughout the earth, consider that you are not meant to be pained, drained, and chained by the same. Call to mind the fact that you are the citizens of My kingdom, and your lives are in My hands. Therefore, it is not intended for you to be embroiled in their maladies and mistakes.

When proud men and women refuse to humble themselves and seek My face and My counsel, they will never find lasting peace. In fact, they will have peace demonstrations that will erupt into violence because the pride of humanity is raging and ranting in these times.

Such pride as is strutting and boasting in these times is because people have opened themselves up to demons with no restraint. Because they are fueled by demons, they are ready to erupt into violence over nothing. They are ready to “go to war” at the slightest provocation, without any consideration for the consequences of the same.

Because of the fact that people are separated from Me by their sins, they will go headlong into the tragedy of war and never feel remorse over the same. Useless and senseless wars have gone on and on in the history of humankind. What has become of the same? Nothing, for the generations grind on and point back to the sins of their fathers. Then they, wise in their own conceit, do not learn, and repeat the same mistakes as were committed by their ancestors.

So, the curses are multiplied, and as the death toll rises, do I see all die off? No, I save the remnant who desire to live in My kingdom and who are willing to adhere to My standard and keep peace with each other and with Me. Remember, the wages of sin are death, and endless wars are sin in My sight.

So, what is the consequence that comes from the carnage of war? Death, death, and more death. Over and over, the horrid and tragic consequences of war are shown throughout the world, and people who have not trusted their lives to Me live in the constancy of fear and violence. Driven by demon forces, even those who are boasting and strutting are full of fears, which they show through aggression against others.

Be glad even today that you do not need to be found continually pained, drained, and chained by Media and her minions, for you can turn away from the world and have peace in Me.