It Shall Be, for I Have Spoken

I speak unto you this day and I say that when I the Living God do speak forth My Word, it shall be, for My Word does not return unto Me void. That which I intend to be is, because I AM who I say that I am. The words of peoples, tribes, and nations will fall to the ground to be forgotten. However, the words that I speak remain eternal, for I do not lie, and My truth remains to all generations.

Be aware that you are living in times when people are speaking forth perversity, insanity, and violence on every hand. Over and over, the words of war echo across the globe. Each insane leader or leaders are living in imaginations and delusions as to how great they are. Some are completely demon possessed; others are demon driven. Yet all are not right with Me, because they do not know the value of humbling themselves and crying out to Me as the One True God.

Therefore, realize that because of the wickedness that men and women are living in, they are completely estranged from Me. They are separated from righteousness and the promises of hope and peace that I have for the ones who keep their dependency on Me as the One they can rely upon. Because they have chosen darkness above and beyond the light, they will undergo sadness rather than gladness.

I want the ones who have kept steadily believing in Me to know the joy that I have for them, as I will regather them, and they will see once again that I love them and they are precious to Me. Even though My people have been scattered and separated from Me, I do not intend for them to be forsaken or abandoned, for they are My people, and I am their God.

When a people will undergo sufferings for their identity with Me, it is indeed a precious thing when they are returned and enabled to partake of the abundance that I have. Because I have intentions of restoration to those who are repentant and humble before Me, I will not withhold the power of My presence from them. Instead, I will bless them abundantly, and they shall experience the joy of constancy of true communion with Me as their Maker, their Provider, and their Protector.

Inasmuch as I have made this declaration to My true prophets and messengers, it shall be as I have spoken. Those who are awaiting Me will know without a doubt that I AM able and that I surpass all of the powers of people, nations, and demons.

Therefore, do not be mourning at this time for those who are under My retributive justice, for they are receiving exactly what they need, and the same shall prove to be the course of their own destruction, death and damnation.

Be serving each day in the attitude of gratitude because you are redeemed and being regathered and restored. You shall see that the glory that I give to you will be greater than the glory of the former house. In fact, the lessons that have been learned during the scattering will enrich My people, and they shall know more than ever that they are privileged because they serve Me. Whenever I give forgiveness and call My people to be restored and regathered, the same will come to pass and will show to them how important it is that they stay true, faithful, and honest with Me.

I am not impressed with those who are liars and who put on a show of love and service to Me, yet they do not stay true. That is, they are forever living in fraudulence and hypocrisy and give a dishonest and perverted representation of who I am to those who are thirsty for the truth.

Because of their false presentation of My kingdom, they will have the blood of those who followed after their vile and corrupted ways on their hands. There is no way that those who are false are allowed to remain among the ones who remain righteous. This is because it is Me who will bring about the separation of the precious and the vile.

Be glad today that as you are faithful and true, so will you be blessed and encouraged, for I am the One who is well able to do miracles. My miracles are ever present to the ones who are adhering to Me as their Master and Lord. Those who are in the company of the redeemed will shine forth as true and steady lights to a dark, sin-sick, and dying humanity.

As those who represent My spiritual lighthouses, keep on shining and be glad that you are not among the whining who have created their own wretchedness. Such as these will receive their just rewards and know the results of their promiscuity against Me and the truth that they chose to violate continually.

Be knowing of a surety that I give to them the perversity, the insanity, the profanity they have so lusted for, and the same will prove to be the very thing that makes them sick and beg to die.

Never do I leave the sins that people commit in My name unnoticed if they will not change their ways. Instead, they will be locked into the very sins, and the same will be their earthly prison houses and in the life hereafter, for they will be in hell. There they will be tormented and haunted continually with the very sins they loved and chose above Me. They will be disgusted because their lusts will never be satisfied and will prove to be punishment upon them.

Be thankful that you as the children who receive My promises can rejoice to know that through Me you are uplifted, enabled, and encouraged as you are together again with Me, My Son, My Spirit, and My true faithful believers.