Labor While There Is Light

I speak unto you this day and I say that it is Me the Living God who desires that My people understand that when dark clouds are looming, they are not to cringe in fear or dread. Rather, they are meant to labor while there is light, knowing that the darkness is coming when no man can work. As you are obeying the commands of My Spirit, you will understand fully that it is Me who is ever with you, and as you obey, you see that I make the way.

I do not want My people to give up the proclamation of the gospel just because there are dark clouds on the horizon. Instead, I want My people to increase their efforts and to do as I intend at all times. When My people are actually doing what I have commanded, then there are souls who will hear and obey and come into My way, which is the way eternal and everlasting.

I do not want all to perish, and if souls are rescued from eternity in hell, then I am well pleased. Those who win souls to My kingdom are wise, and I find joy in such ones. Realize that I did not send My Son to earth that souls would perish in their sins. Rather, I sent My Son to earth that souls would hear and obey and come forth in the way that I have intended and ordained for them to live in.

How sweet it is when souls receive My mercy rather than the condemnation that comes to those who are living in darkness and sin. Sinners who are absolutely committed to their lifestyles and reject the truth will of course perish in the darkness they are choosing. This is because they want darkness rather than being uplifted in Me and able to partake of the life that I alone do provide. Such ones as choose sin are choosing to lose and will receive the recompense of their sinful actions and wicked deeds.

However, the ones who hear the truth and will be accepting of the same are salvaged from hell’s harvest and brought into the light while it is yet day. Be glad when you see sinners repent and keep their repentance by walking uprightly in Me and partaking of all that I offer unto them.

It is indeed a good thing to know and understand that it is My intention that My people, whether they are new believers or long-term participants in My kingdom, are adhering to the Holy Spirit. As you are serving each day in the attitude of gratitude, you will see that it is Me the Living God who is able to hold back the darkness because those who are Mine stay true to Me.

Do not allow yourselves to be lured into the beguiling spirits of deception that are being spread full scale in these times. There is no way that you are meant to be deceived. There is every reason why you are meant to look to Me and partake of eternal life by walking in the straight and narrow way that I provide.

Therefore, be alive and alert in the spirit dimension so that you are able to discern the beguiling spirits that are rampant and seeking to devour anyone who is receptive to them. You are not meant to be a fool; you are meant to be kept in the blessed assurance that is given to the ones who stay true to Me.

Keeping such in mind, cherish the truth and walk in the same with gladness and rejoicing. Likewise, when the opportunity is made evident to you, do not be deceived into the maze that is endless confusion, delusion and madness. Be consistently adhering to Me as the One you love and will partake of with rejoicing.

Multitudes in these times are literally living in the realms of profanity and insanity because they have taken the course of vanity, vexation and pride. In such choices, they find themselves to be desolated and isolated, being led about by demons who want nothing except death and damnation for the multitudes who will obey the demon commands to them.

When you see the insanity and disorder that are so common in these times, realize that it is because people have succumbed to sin and chosen darkness over My light. This ugly state of affairs is on the increase because so many prefer to perish rather than change. That is, they will not repent, they will not stop sinning, they will not adhere to My instructions, nor will they adhere to My desires. Therefore, they are found bound and in serious transgressions, day in and day out.

If you stop and consider how important it is that you bear true witness of Me, do not stop. Those who look at the circumstances of these times and grow disturbed and stop witnessing about My kingdom will have blood on their hands of those who perish. The ones who continue to be true witnesses for My kingdom will be blessed because they will not have the blood of the wicked on their hands.

The more that people are full of fear and misgivings, the more they are reaching out for comfort. Those who find comfort in Me and believe upon Jesus as My only begotten Son will receive the comfort of My Holy Spirit in their lives, and by such be blessed. Those who find comfort in the filthiness of sins will be cursed by their choices and will find themselves led about by the demons who take control over their lives.

Consider that people only have one life to live on earth and then they must find out where they will spend Eternity. Those who have labored for My kingdom will be received as Children of the light. Those who labored to provide people for hell’s harvest will be destined to damnation, for they are children of darkness. Remember, as you labor in the light, you are loved.