Word Weaponry for Salvation or Damnation

I speak unto you this day and I say: Be made aware of the power of words that are spoken by world leaders, by Media and her minions, by common people of all nations. All of those words carry with them their own form of power. Some of that power remains. Some of that power is for good, some is for evil.

However, all words have a power of one kind or another. I do not want you to be absorbed in the power of words that are irresponsibly spoken by those who are desiring destruction and damnation. There are actually many people who do not care whether the words they speak are true or not.

In fact, the majority of the words spoken by such ones are based on lies, and they do not care. This is because they are dictated to by demons, and those demons have no concern whatsoever for the people who hear the words spoken by liars.

As you are witnessing during these times, multitudes are easily whipped up into a frenzied state of being as they listen to liars who are very convincing in their speeches. The sad reality is that their moving speeches are based on lies, with no regard for the truth or the obvious facts of the situations being described.

Such ones as these liars are motivated by demon forces that are glad to deceive multitudes and lead them down the road of deception that they be filled with rage and hatred for no reason at all. This is because they have come under the influence of demonically inspired liars who are quick to rise up as authority figures on subjects that they are ill informed about.

Because they are too proud to admit their own blunders, they will persist in advocating their lies in order to incite violence, bloodshed, destruction of persons and property, all because they are bloodthirsty and eager for rage to show its face.

How utterly incapable of clear minds and godly wisdom people are in these times is because they allow their minds to become cluttered with the garbage of the world and are confused by the same. They do not seek for My wisdom, nor do they have godly understanding and knowledge. While they gobble up the garbage of the world’s diabolic insights, they fail to realize that they are eating poison, and the same will bring them death and damnation of their souls.

I do not desire this for people; they choose it because they like the intrigue and the delusions that the world is living in. The ones who are clouded of mind, heart, and commitment are guilty of feeding off of the unclean and violent actions of the multitudes who are caught up in the filthiness of fornication of every kind. Transgenders are treated as celebrities, while surgeons make millions off of their transforming surgeries that create sorrows and heartbreak in the long term.

The world literally is insane in these times, and those who are feeding off of the world are going to find themselves caught up in the idiocy of the same and unable to free themselves. It is foolishness for those who claim to be Mine to be caught up in all of the intrigues of the world, and by the same, taken far from Me.

Do not be as the foolish who are bound by the jealousies and ambitions that drive them into the world to partake of the broad way. Rather be thankful that you do not need to be participating in the world, nor eating of the filthiness of the same.

Keep your vision on Me and come up higher in Me, for I am the One who gives to you exactly what you need in every circumstance and situation. Therefore, do not live in fear; live in faith and trust in Me, for I am your refuge and your strength. It is Me who is caring for you, and it is Me who desires for you to stay true to Me and to come forth uplifted in My way.

There are multitudes who are in hell even now, who got there by getting their eyes off of Me and allowing the world to lure them into the trap and the snare of their own deceptions. Do not imagine that I want you in such a state of being. I do not. Nor do I want you caught up in the fears and anxiety that are commonplace in these times.

Spend your days with Me and in My Word, for the same will give you encouragement and insight. Likewise, make it your goal to obey the commands of My Spirit and to have victory in Me because you are adhering to the truth rather than lies.

If you consider how many are caught up in lies, it is definitely a sad state of affairs. In these times of uncertainty, insanity, worldwide unrest and uprisings, remember that I remain as your high tower of strength and safety. You can run into Me and be kept. Therefore, do not be as the doubleminded who trust Me one day, then speak against Me the next day.

Those who use their tongues to speak evil against Me are bringing condemnation to themselves. Likewise, it is stupid to gossip against fellow believers in order to elevate yourselves above one another. Such behaviors are literally rebellion, for My Spirit does not lead you to open your mouths and bring curses on yourselves by the very words you speak in pride and self-conceit.

Humble yourselves and repent if you have allowed the words coming out of your mouths to be unbelief and gossip about other believers. If My people stand true to Me and true to each other, then they will have victory in Me.

Those who choose to lose by letting their tongues go wild will incite unbelief in others and discouragement among true believers. Then they will attempt to blame others and Me for the words they have spoken.