Hope in a Hopeless World

I speak unto you this day and I say: Do not look at the insanity that has spread around the world and join the insane. Rather look to Me, for I am the One who provides hope in a hopeless world for those who keep their vision on Me.

I absolutely do not want you to be a part of the insanity that is raging throughout the world. This insanity is inciting multitudes to useless protests, violence, looting and murder. People are gripped in fear and are unable to control the panic that is attacking them continually.

All of these maladies are being enhanced by Media, the ancient goddess who loves the control that her minions are causing her to have over the people of the world. As you know, Media loves to take people’s minds and lives into her evil control and cause them to live in the clutches of fear, terror, panic, and the results of the same are very painful and ugly.

Be aware that as My people, you are not meant to be bound in such horrors. Rather, you are to be bound in Me, for I alone am the God who bears rule over you. As you look to Me as your Maker and your Keeper, you will find that while others are collapsing around you, I give you strength to carry on in faithfulness and trust in Me.

Therefore keep steadily looking to Me as the One who is well able and who does not lead you astray. When you are faithful to Me, you will not lack for any good thing, nor will you undergo the traumas and the dramas that multitudes are being sucked into daily, only to exhaust them of all independent thought and direction. They are captivated and drawn into the insanity, and by the same are driven by demons.

If you really consider that insanity is being transmitted by the globalists in order to bring about their agendas, know that I am higher than any men or women. While they imagine that they are in control, they are not. It is Me who can strike them down in an instant, and all that they have planned and all of their agendas will lay as heaps of rubble, meaning nothing. Then, when I remove their life’s breath, they are headed headlong into hell, where they remain forever and ever, unable to escape the torments and agonies they caused others with their schemes and dreams of world conquest.

How really foolish are these rich men and women who see themselves as eternal beings unable to die. Because they have grown so proud and deceived by the pride that rules them, they have no perceptions left, except those given to them by demons. Of course, they expend their lives only to find that in the end they count as nothing, because they imagined themselves to be something that they are not.

Over and over throughout the ages, this scenario has repeated itself, and the final result is made simple: I reign supreme, and all other powers are devoured and destroyed. Have not men and women discovered the ruins of places long since destroyed by My hand and uncovered the relics of nations long ago forgotten?

Why is this? It is because such nations and peoples followed idols and imaginations as to their own greatness. However, they were not great, nor did they remain in all of their evil doings. Instead, they have ended, as can be seen, in piles of rubble.

Be aware that there is no kingdom that lasts forever other than My kingdom. All of the powers that men and women imagine themselves to have will sooner or later be overthrown, and there will be nothing but rubble and ruins, remaining as nothing in the sight of future generations. Therefore, do not hesitate to see such things for what they are: useless and meaningless demonically inspired imaginations of proud leaders of proud nations.

It is good to be thankful each day that you can serve Me in the attitude of gratitude, for I give you mercy in the midst of madness, and I give you love in the times of hatred. Do not succumb to the pressures that are so evident in these times and join the ranks of those who are being controlled by demon powers. Rather keep clear and clean with Me, for I am the refuge and the hope of My people.

It is a good thing to know that as you keep your hope stayed on Me, you will not be ashamed, nor will you end as a hopeless, helpless heap laid up in deep despair. Let your joy be in Me and the fact that I alone am your Redeemer and the One who cares for you. Do not look to nations to redeem you, for the whole world is full of insanity and futility at this time.

While the violent and blood thirsty are imagining they prevail, know that it is Me who can dispose of them according to My timings. Be glad even today that it is Me that you can look to, believe in and trust, for I do not leave you, nor do I forsake you. It gives Me joy to see My people keep steadily looking to Me rather than the corruption of political leaders who are insane.

Reality is that those who keep stayed on Me will not fear death, nor the ones who are set on the agenda of despair, destruction, death and damnation. This is because I do not leave My people desolate when they walk uprightly. Rather, I give to them exactly what they need, and they are never made ashamed. This is because they are not looking to this crazed world and all of the crises of the same, but rather they are looking to Me as the One they love and want to please.

Do what is right in My sight and know that I will give you the strength to fight the battle for souls as multitudes are perishing. Yes, as you wait on Me, your strength is renewed, and you will mount up with wings as eagles and ascend into Me.