Hard Truth for Sin-Hardened People

I speak unto you this day and I say that I am giving and I will continue to give you the hard truth for sin-hardened people because the same is desperately needed in these times of mass confusion, delusion, and double-minded hypocrites. As you well know, there are multitudes who are wandering in confusion because they have abandoned themselves to sin and by the same have grown hard and are growing harder.

When those who are meant to be My messengers want to soften the truth in order to please people, they prove themselves to be defunct before Me. This is because those who soften the truth when it is meant to be hard are literally covering the sins of those who need desperately to REPENT and turn from their wickedness.

I do not intend for people to be pampered and given sweet tender words when they are so hard that the same will not penetrate the hardness of their hearts. Such people need the words spoken by My Spirit and not tampered with in any way to make them soft and tender, only to fall to the ground and be trampled by those who are full of their own confusion.

Be thankful unto Me that you do not need to be among those who are shortchanging sinners by attempting to soften the truth as I want it spoken. Consider that those who are sin-hardened are going to need the two-edged sword that cuts when it penetrates, and cuts when it comes out. The sword of My Spirit is greatly needed in these times and is not to be compared to the butter knives that are being used by many ministers who are falsifying the truth in order to gain followers to their delusional teachings.

Be aware that when men and women stand before Me, they will be judged according to their integrity and their righteousness before Me. They will not gain approval for their smooth words spoken in hypocrisy and delusional persistence. I want those who are claiming to be My messengers to be proclaiming the hard truth that penetrates and sobers up those who are drunk on delusions and desperately need deliverance from such coverings.

The reality is that people who have need of the truth are going to respond to the truth and nothing but the truth. It is very wrong to give forth a false report and expect to be found pleasing Me. If those who are meant to be My messengers pervert the truth, then they have the blood of the sinners who are hell bound on their hands.

Do not give way to the compromising commands of demons that want to lure you into giving forth sugar-coated phrases that do not edify anyone who hears them. Rather, they simply turn a deaf ear to such candy coatings because their lives are full of hardness caused by their sins.

Do not be afraid to declare repeatedly what I want spoken, so that multitudes who are trapped in sins and terrible transgressions can experience the truth spoken in boldness. Among them are jewels who are only waiting to have the dirt and filth of sin knocked off of them by the power of My word. Realize that you are not meant to be afraid of the sinful, but you are to give them the truth that will set them free.

They will carry ugly grimaces and be acting very casual about the words spoken under the anointing of the Holy Spirit. However, that does not mean that they are not hearing those words. Therefore, do not fear when you see their sin-scarred faces and the ugliness of sin upon them. Instead, be faithful to declare the TRUTH with COURAGE and BOLDNESS.

So many have failed in these times to stay true to the truth, because their hearts are far from Me and they are more concerned with impressing people than staying true to Me. These ones are fakes and pretenders and therefore their words have no effect in convicting people of their sins and transgressions. Instead, those words are mere prattle and are spoken in vain.

Never did I send forth My prophets speaking lies, nor do I approve them now. Those who are called and chosen to proclaim the truth are expected to stay true to their callings and not deviate or pervert the truth. When you hear those who have sold out for the opinions of men, know that when they stand before Me, they will not be approved or recognized as My messengers but rather as deceitful frauds.

In these wicked times, realize that many are ranting and screaming out their lies in order to deceive. These ones are false likewise, and they will be as guilty before Me as the sugar-tongued liars. This is because while they may appear to be impassioned for truth, they are in reality following deception and lies because they want to draw others into the same demonic trap that they are in. These too will face hell in the end, and they will see that their so-called causes were delusions and built on demonic demonstrations and death.

Be thankful that the truth will stand long after lies and delusions have been washed away and sunk in the sea of iniquity. Each day, seek Me for the truth that you are to receive that day, and let the sword do its job in your lives. Do not be hesitant to declare the words of the Spirit that I put forth, for it is the truth that sets the captives free. It is not delusion and confusion that lead to perversity and insanity.

Be glad that I do not fail to give you all that you need to stand in the truth and be persistent about speaking forth the words of life in a death-filled and damned generation. Hard truth for sin-hardened people is absolutely necessary and needed for true deliverance.