Drive Out or Be Driven Out of God

I speak unto you this day and I say that you are living in perilous times, and the demon infestation problem is definitely at an all-time high! This is because multitudes have chosen in opposition to Me and have opened themselves up to allow demon spirits to tell them what to do and how to do it. Because demons are bent on destroying human lives, they are boasting of how many are following their dictation and are being taken into hell.

However, when My people are yielding to demons, they prove themselves to be utter and complete fools, because they are allowing that which I have forbidden to take control of them. When I reveal to them through My Spirit that they are operating under the power of demon spirits, it is up to them to drive out the demons that have taken over.

Be aware that because of the permissive attitude that some of My people have taken towards demons, the works of darkness are flourishing, and many are floundering under the cloud of darkness. If My people keep up their permissive attitude in respect of demonic spirits, refusing to drive out such wicked forces, then those demons will drive them out of Me!

Multitudes have been driven out of Me because they did not take aggressive action against wicked spirits and drive them out. Far too many are caught in the traps of demonic spirits and are pride bound and hell bound. Because they are bound tightly by demon chains, they cannot even receive the deliverance call. They prefer to remain in bondage and be bound.

You see how demons drive people who refuse the truth into gross darkness whereby they are covered in demons, yet they are demanding they be left to cause troubles to believers in Christ Jesus.

If such forces are allowed to remain intact, then multitudes will suffer from the horrid crimes and atrocities committed by these demon-possessed forces that are full of whining and complaining when they are exposed. Some of these demons are livid with rage and are ranting through their human vessels and demanding that citizens are meant to bow to them because they must have their way.

However, their way is nothing but consent forced into deeper and deeper slavery to lies and hypocritical pretensions. The ones who are in agreement with such demons are in My sight guilty of being accomplices to the endless violence and murders that are the consequence of believing lies.

As those who can have clarity and sanity, be thankful each day that you are not enslaved to the vicious, cruel and murderous lying demons that want to control the whole world. Realize that this scenario has been played out repeatedly, and it is the responsibility of those who are Mine to take the offensive against these forces of cruelty and carnage.

Such spirits will put forth all manner of demonstrations in an attempt to coerce multitudes to pity them. This is a basic tactic of demons in spiritual warfare. When they are being driven out, just as the demons who entered the pigs, they will be crying out to not have to leave their habitations.

Demons take over entire regions and nations because they meet up with little or no resistance to their vile actions. When people are passively accepting co-existence with demons, they are basically giving their consent to atrocities that are vile and corrupt. I definitely do not want to see My people being found guilty of such passivity and thereby consenting to the evil of those who are involved in demonic campaigns of fear, terror and murder.

Know of a surety that you are living in times when there are wars raging, smoldering and festering all around the world. People are being surrounded, violated, and taken into captivity. Others are turning to wicked spirits and embracing such wickedness as is being evidenced, as though the same is meant to be the accepted norm.

When people are under such wicked coverings, they are of course convinced that the evil they are doing is approved of whatever force they deem to be God. Some are so deceived that they believe that their doctrines of devils are the actual sayings of the great prophet who they all follow or pretend to follow. Under such robes are found all manner of sexual sins and transgressions, digressions from righteousness into the realms of lies and lying messengers.

Thank Me each day that you do not need to be caught up, ensnared and entangled in the mass of snake demons that wrap themselves around people to turn them into treacherous and wicked fools who will not be stopped. If you consider that I sent My Son to all people, know that even those covered by the demonic powers of religious wickedness can be spared if they will deeply repent and turn unto Me.

Some are very much aware that if they turn to Me, they will be brought forth by a plain path and led by My Spirit. They know also that some of their closest family and friends will want them dead and attempt to murder them by various means if they seek deliverance from the captivity they are in through religious lies and liars.

Be glad that you are free to serve, to praise, and to obey My directives and commands and come forth in the new life that came into you when you bowed the knee in true repentance before My Son Jesus. Let the attitude of gratitude be within you because you are not slaves to the lies of a dead fool.