Wiped Out

I speak unto you this day and I say: Consider that in the times of old, I the Living God allowed My own people to be wiped out by the attacks of their enemies because of their sins and the fact that they co-mingled with their enemies. Then, those enemies used the familiarity that Israel had fallen into to ensnare them and wipe them out.

So, it was because of their own failures to pay heed to Me that they were swallowed up and taken far from Me. Be aware that I do not want My people swallowed up and taken into captivity or else devoured and destroyed by the very people they are not supposed to co-mingle with. When I the Living God do issue the warning against certain people, it is that My people would realize and understand that to be in coalition with Christ haters is sin.

Sad to say, because My people have become false and overwhelmed by the demonic powers of delusion in these times, they are seeing themselves as very compassionate. Unfortunately, they are grossly deceived, for the compassionate way they are projecting is delusional and opening up to the very Christ-hating demonic spirits that desire to see My people devoured and destroyed. If you stop and take a look, you can see that pride is the bottom-line power that makes them think they are more compassionate than I.

How absurd it is when people grow full of pride and want only to put on the outward displays of what they construe to be Christianity. True followers of My Son Jesus will not cleave to any other god, nor will they go in any other way, for they will understand that loyalty to Me is imperative and important, and I require them to live in My presence and partake of the commands of My Spirit.

Be aware that in obedience to My Spirit’s commands and directives will be the very instructions that will keep them from being wiped out by the Christ-hating demons that are seeking world domination at this time. Of course, those who want to serve demons are fools, for they are proving themselves to be unworthy and unfaithful. Many choose to cave in to demonic pressures rather than resist, refute and refuse to be captivated. This is because they are loving themselves and their own way and wanting to keep their lives rather than yield them up for My use.

Such ones are lukewarm, and I will vomit them because they make Me sick with their compromising and pretentious actions. Do not think for one moment that I am impressed with such foolish children. I am not. To Me they are fools who are loving themselves, and they are definitely liable before Me to be wiped out if I choose to withdraw My mercies.

Far too many of those who are claiming to be Christian are caught up in the drama, the trauma, and the world’s ways more than they are concerned with pleasing Me. They choose approval of the world’s people, while they are shunning the prospect of being obedient to Me.

Stop and consider; I am the ultimate, the endless, the everlasting God, and My power and glory remain. Therefore, do not be quick to yield to the wanton ways that are so common in these times and end up as a fool taken in folly. Be attentive and obedient to My Spirit, that you are kept from the very forces of darkness that so many have compromised with.

There is no human on earth who is more compassionate than I, and when you see the proud fools who think they are, know that they are dumb and dull because they worship themselves. I do not bow to any generation, nor do I put approval on their willful and skillful disobedience.

Know that I know every person’s actions and reactions, as well as their motives and behaviors. Because I am the all-knowing God, I am well aware of every person and I know the ones who are desirous of Me and My kingdom. On the other hand, the ones who are objecting to My way are evident in My sight, and I find no joy in them at all. Rather, I will spew them out of My mouth and dismiss them from My sight, and they could well be among the ones who are wiped out and remembered no more.

Do not take for granted the salvation mercies you receive, but see the same as important because they are coming of Me and not from any demonic forces. When those who are meant to be Mine are looking to please Me, so will they be enabled to receive the mercies that I alone give. I do not want My people to believe in the powers of the world, for such are false and deceitful. The world will use, abuse, and discard any who is foolish enough to believe that the world is just.

Remember the world is the devil’s territory, and he is always wanting to destroy and devour any and all who will be subject to him. He has been a liar and a murderer from the beginning. Therefore, do not seek to please the devil or his demons; seek to please Me, for I am the triumphant, the victorious, the never-ending God. Be knowing of a surety that I remain, and that My kingdom remains far above all of the kingdoms that men think will last forever.

I bring down the proud and I show them that they are faulty and full of all manner of pride, and that the same blinds them and causes them to be deceived. However, even when I show them the truth, many of them will never repent and return to Me. Instead, they will be wiped out and devastated because they want death rather than life, and hell rather than heaven.

Be aware that hell is full of lukewarm Christians who thought themselves to be wise because they kept their lives and did not give themselves to Me. Instead, they choose the way of pride, abomination, and literally did not appreciate the salvation mercies they had been given by Me. Therefore, they burn forever in the torments of hell.