Driven by Demons of Death

I speak unto you this day and I say that you are living in times of grossness and terrors, and horrors on every hand. Multitudes of people are possessed, driven by demons of death. Such ones are unable to free themselves, and it is only through the power that is found in the name of Jesus Christ that they can be released from the captivity that they are in.

It is not My intention that people would be bound by such gross and sickening spirits. Rather, it is My intention that those who are Mine would know what it is to walk free of the chains of slavery that hold multitudes in captivity. If you really stop and consider how good it is to be free and not bound, do not take for granted the freedom that you have.

Reality is that vast multitudes are in gross and hideous captivity and are doing things they would not normally do. However, demons take such control of people that they are bound to commit sins of gross degree against those who have been delegated to be their enemies.

If you consider the privilege that you have, to know Jesus and to walk in His steps, you must see that you are kept free of death demons because Jesus is with you. Not all people have such a privilege, for multitudes are driven over and over to deeper and deeper depths of iniquity and sin. They are doing things that are absolutely beastly, and then, in the years thereafter, if they have any conscience at all, they will be plagued.

Be thankful that you do not need to be bound in the sins that damn and cause you to be driven by demons of death. Rather, you have the opportunity to live in the peace that only I can provide, and to know that I am above all and that through My Spirit you are being guided forth by a plain path. If you consider that all other spirits lead people to death and damnation, be thankful that you are led in the truth of salvation and do not need to commit abomination and violation.

I am well aware of the sins of those who are merely religious yet they are not righteous before Me. Know that they cause themselves to be damned by choosing to put on religious displays and keep their lives under their own control, or so they imagine. In reality, they are under the control of demons, and the same can literally cause them to become religious murderers. This is because when the demons move into high gear in their orders from the devil, their goal is to kill, steal and destroy.

Therefore, multitudes can be drafted into the murder machines that are existent in these times, and those machines will take them down the road of horrid and vile sins and crimes of cruelty. They will become acquainted with times of adversity, perversity and insanity. Total possession awaits some of them because they are so adversely opposed to My righteousness and My standard. They will abandon themselves to the very demons that want them destroyed.

Do not fear that the same awaits you. It does not, for I the Living God have intentions of good and not evil for you. Keeping this in mind, understand how important it is that you keep the lines of communication open with Me and participate in what I have for you with all of your strength and might. Be aware that in times of continual war, brutal war, and useless war as you are seeing, it is imperative that you stay alert and alive in response to My Spirit’s commands.

This is the time for true believers to be united and consecrated unto Me, for I am the One who is the victory intended. It is My intention that you would know the power of My presence and come forth uplifted and rejoicing in the same. The more that My people stay close to Me through My Spirit, the more that they will see My protective and sheltering hand over them. Do not despise the many ways that you are kept by Me and see yourselves as in bondage. Realize that without Me you could be blown to bits and your souls could end in hell.

More and more, the world is going absolutely mad because of the spread of violence and the insanity of continual wars and rumors of wars. Most people are not at all prepared to face the difficulty of demonic bombardment on their minds and also on their lifestyles. Whether men and women, rich or poor, all are facing the same uncertainties about the future because they are aware that they are no longer in control of their lives.

So, smitten with the shaking that is reverberating throughout the world, multitudes are full of desperation and despair. Some have given up on life and a “secure future” because they are not seeing any end to the present situations and circumstances of their lives. Over and over, the scenario is repeating itself, and multitudes are being swept away into the abyss of hopelessness and depression.

Many people in these times are far removed from the instincts that I originally put in humankind. Because of that, they are easily discouraged and defeated. Others have sunk down into overreaction and have taken on the demonic attributes that will cause them to become raving, ravaging, raping madmen, in order to compensate for the fear and terror that grip them day and night.

Yes, this is the time when I the Living God am allowing the wicked to pursue each other and to devastate their own territories and end in horrid conditions that will in themselves cause them endless troubles. Realize that above it all, I reign supreme. Run into Me. Be kept in My safety.