Repent and Destroy Your Idols

I speak unto you this day and I say that I do not find pleasure in those who are worshiping idols, no matter what their justifications may be. It has never been intended in the days of old, nor in these times, that people would be bending the knee to idols and imagining the same are gods.

Idols are dumb; they cannot speak. And they are deaf; they cannot hear. Nor can they see. Yet people, by choosing to worship idols, are showing themselves to be dumb. Idols cannot speak to tell them anything or give them counsel according to My dictates. They cannot hear.

In fact, people are grossly restricted by the choices they have made to serve idols, and imagine that somehow they are doing religious service. The truth is that they are allowing religion to become an idol, for they do not want the truth which is given to set them free. They only want to put on a religious show and proud display of their great religiosity.

However, the religiosity they so highly prize is what causes them to be fools before Me. They do not allow themselves to be drawn into relationship with Me. They prefer to be kept in the darkness, the iniquity, the foolery of their own choices. This is because they have hardened their hearts and stiffened their necks and are resisting the truth.

When challenged with the call to repent, they do not see that it pertains to them, for they are centered on themselves and their idols, not Me. Because such ones adore themselves, they do not want to destroy their idols, because they are their own idols. To destroy their idols would mean that they have to abandon their self-love, self-idolatry, and pursue the course that I have put before them as a challenge for them to walk in.

There are multitudes who are claiming to love Me, to love the truth, yet they will not walk in that truth, nor will they serve Me wholeheartedly. Those who hold back part of their lives are literally bringing sorrow to themselves because when they hold back from Me, they keep themselves in a prison house of their own making.

Be thankful that you do not need to be kept in a prison house, but rather you can be uplifted and directed in the remarkable way that is provided through My Son Jesus. It is the way of mercy, the way of forgiveness, and the way that is righteous before Me.

How many there are in these times who are preferring to adhere to the darkness that is so evidents, and by the same, they go under more and more darkness till they no longer cherish life but wish for death. To wish for death, yet not be willing to die to self, is foolishness and is the snare of demons intended to cause people to try to or actually complete the process of suicide.

Stop and consider: If people would obey Jesus’ command to “come, follow Me,” they would find that there is abundance of life, yet there are likewise many opportunities to die to the old nature and take up the new life. The new life that Jesus offers to any and all who will look to Him as Savior and Lord is My intention. It is indeed a glorious thing to know that there is redemption through Jesus and that it is available to any and all who will repent and destroy their idols.

Those who want to hold to their idols are literally holding to death rather than life. Know for a certainty that I do not approve those who are worshiping idols, and when people are worshiping themselves, the same has become the idol that they serve.

Be thankful that you do not need to worship your own selves, for the same is an endless pit, and you are not meant to fall into the same. Realize that you are a mere human being, and that whatsoever I desire and require of you is what I want for you to partake of.

It is sad when you actually see the ones who are concentrating on pleasing themselves and have no desire to please Me. Such as these grow more empty and destitute as time passes, for “self” is a merciless slave driver, and those worshiping themselves will find out that they cannot ever be satisfied. How many, how many are there who will not serve Me because they are absorbed in only serving themselves and the imaginations they hold as to how great they are?

The delusions of pride are never ending, and demons are always around to fuel the insanity of pride in whoever is unwilling to give up the same. Those who are forever serving self are serving foolishness, vanity and insanity. These are the ones who absolutely will not give up their own way to come My way. While they are wise in their own eyes, they are by the same grossly deceived and live in delusions that will prove to be deadly to their souls.

Be thankful unto Me that I am the eternal and everlasting God, and My power and glory remain available to all who are humble enough to admit their need of Me. Those who will walk in humility will understand the value of the same before Me. While pride is abomination and those glistening in the same are a grief to Me, the ones who are in humility are a pleasure to Me because they are not exalting themselves.

Be serving in the attitude of gratitude, and ever thankful that when you are walking in the absolute freedom that I give, then you are strengthened and able to rejoice each day, for My way is life, and the devil’s way is death.