Left to Themselves

I speak unto you this day and I say that it is a strange thing when people are without the knowledge of Me or elsewise refusing to serve Me. When they are left to themselves, all manner of confusion, delusion and madness are the consequence of the same. As you look at the condition of the world at this time, it is the perfect depiction of people being left to themselves, and what they succumb to is actually horrifying.

Consider the chaos, the violence, the senseless murder, the confusion and craziness that is so evident in these times. These are all the consequence of people being left to themselves. Over and over, from the days of ancient Israel until now, the situation demonstrates itself that people left without Me will dissipate and deteriorate rapidly.

I never intended for people to be in such a wreck, but they are, because of choices. When you consider the savagery, the brutality, the grotesque demonic demonstrations that are being made evident in these times, it is because people have chosen to go astray. That means they have departed from Me and chosen the wickedness above righteousness.

People are created by Me, to serve Me. They are not meant to serve idols; they are not meant to serve themselves. Those who are serving the idol of self are serving a monster who is never satisfied.

Needless to say, the political maneuvering of wicked people is because they believe themselves to be greater than I am. In such insanity, they have brought about a world crisis that is affecting the outlook of people around the world. Over and over, people are involved in all manner of corruption, which leads them down the road of vileness and wickedness. Then they are caught up in the absurdity of demonic control and there they remain.

Stop and look at this mixed up, totally disturbed and distorted nation and the consequences of the same. Nothing good can come to people who have forgotten Me and abandoned all that I intend for them. They are reprobate, they are calloused, they are vile, they are putrid, because they are dead in trespasses and sins.

There is nothing but ugliness that can come to the ones who are far from Me, and in the same they are imprisoned. They do not serve Me; they serve selfishness, they serve demonic powers, they serve all for naught. This is because they hardened their hearts, stiffened their necks, and proved themselves to be utter and complete demon-controlled fools.

So what have they gained except pain, profanity, promiscuity, abomination, ruination, and damnation? All of these things in which they have chosen to corrupt themselves are the consequence of their refusal to walk under the control of My Spirit and pay heed to Me.

Be thankful that by My mercy you are given the path of life, the straight and narrow way that assures you of eternal life and joy in Me. I want you to be glad that you are not left to yourselves. Rather, you are directed in the way that is meaningful and everlasting, and I want you to be aware that through the same you are guided in life, love and light.

As you continue in service to Me, you will see over and over how destructive people become when they are left to themselves. They absolutely do not know the way of hope; rather, they are hopeless and helpless. They do not have peace; they are continually vexed and tormented. It is not that I want them there; they choose the prison houses they are locked into.

Be aware that I am not at all pleased in them, and eventually, they are unhappy as hell itself because their lives are meaningless and useless. After the thrill of their own way is gone, they come to the reality that they are trapped. But, unable to free themselves, they go in the same circle, with no way out.

How stupid it is when people who have known Me and known My way think that there is success in the world. The world is cruel, abusive, and insane. Those who are choosing the world will end in hell because they are twice dead, as they forsook Me. I send My Spirit to convict them of their state of being, but they brush off My Spirit and ignore the same.

Then, because of what they have chosen, they become frozen in their profanity, insanity and despair. Years pass, they grow older and more sinful, they become hateful and mean, they are headed to hell and are somehow sure that is their destiny and there is nothing else to look forward to.

Why did they depart from Me to begin with and become fools in their folly? They left Me because they wanted their own way, they wanted what I did not intend, and they took off on the tangent, the trip of no return. More and more, they have become saturated with the sewers they live in, and they sink to the bottom and end in the sludge.

What a devilish trip they have chosen, and now they have become literally sewer rats. Unable to face themselves or the ones they have hurt, they attempt to lose themselves in the various traps and snares the devil and his demons offer them. They become addicted, they become ensnared in various sexual perversions, they become insanely ambitious, and their end is bitter.

Please be aware that those who are in the army of mindless wanderers are the victims of their own headstrong desires and lusts for the thrills. Now of course, left to themselves, they are total degenerates and destitute of truth. They live only waiting to die, then they wonder why. Because they left Me.